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Day Ticket 40!
ented angler/employee by the name
of Robbie Carpenter was on hand to
offer no nonsense advice, taking time
to show me how to tie combi-rigs, etc
(thanks, mate!) as I didn’t want to
look like a idiot and wanted to respect
the other anglers around me when
moving up to a more serious carp
I struggled for quite a while, as we
sometimes do, and it seemed like forever before I finally caught one of
those stunning little commons. I discovered a new bait to me, maize, and
a few grains and a light scattering in
a few known spots they like to get
into got me off the mark, and again I
was really pleased it was finally coming together. By this time I had spent
a lot of hours watching the lake and
mainly going at times and in areas
where they liked to top, and in some
cases the patrol routes they favoured.
It cannot be said enough how easy it
is to fall into the trap of just setting up
in the first swim that looks good
when still learning (location, location,
location!), typically to only find out
towards the end of the session they
are all up the other end of the lake! So
with all this now learnt I went on to
catch them on a whole variety of baits
and methods, but the 20 was still
evading capture! The upper doubles
were now commonplace, though, so I
knew I couldn’t be far off, surely? It
w a s Ti m P a i s l e y ’s w o r d s t h a t I
remember best, when he said that the
carp will show you where they want
it. As it happens, after I read an article
by Tim mentioning some new pellets
that had come onto the market, I
knew this could be the bait that
would get me my 20.
I remember it being early August
and I was fishing with my dad (now in
his late 70’s bless him) and I managed
to jump into my favourite double
swim on Pit 2. I was learning that
being a margin water the idea is to
fish literally off the rod tips and sit
well, well back. I still can’t believe
how people can fish the margins, sit
right on the edge of the bank with
white t-shirts, being loud and constantly playing with their bite alarms
will ever catch any fish. So I used this
new pellet sparingly as suggested,
coupled with a small funnel web of
similar sized halibuts and dropped it
in the edge. Not more than ten minutes had passed and the rod burst
into life, doubling over in the rest, and
on a full one-toner and it just stayed
there! I just watched in disbelief for a
few moments before scrambling over
to grab the rod before it went in!
Straight away it was ripping the bottom to shreds, bolting out of the marginal cover and I knew this wasn’t
normal for the usual stamp of middoubles in there. After a very spirited
fight I caught sight of a common and
thought it was a mid-double as they
are usually lovely, clean, unmarked
lean fish in there. It wasn’t until my
dad helped with the netting that I
went over to lift it out of the water…
Christ! It was long, but it also had
(Top) A lovely grey pit 3 mirror, a
distinctive beauty and very welcome
at 25lb 8oz.
(Centre) As above, but right hand side
picture on the mat.
depth too! So up on the scales it went
29lb spot on! I was overjoyed, and the
picture shows my plugging away
finally paid off! Not just a 20 but a 29lb
lump of gold… Superb!
Behind Pit 2 is the Specimen Lake
(Pit 3), about 3.5 acres in size, with
two islands and a central channel
with the odd bar and plateau dotted
around, with depths ranging from 3ft
to 14ft. There is a serious head of 20’s
and a dozen 30’s to go at including
the Hoover, Baby Baz, The Lynn, The
Star, Joss, and The Big Headed Common to name a few… and this brings
me nicely onto the 40!
If any of you have read Big Carp
magazine over the last six months or
so you will already be familiar with a
dedicated pair of local anglers by the
names of Simon and Terry Hofgartner.
Simon held the lake record, a common
known as Nina (named by him for
being the first angler to catch her over
40lb) in 2005 at 42lb and ounces. Terry
and Simon, being very capable
anglers, went on to catch most of the
lake’s residents between them that
year. They also proceeded to empty
Pit 2 one weekend too! Fair play; they
did put the time and a lot of effort in!
In 2008 I did my annual birthday
24-hour session (surprisingly enough
in all the years I’d fished Twynersh I
have only ever done a handful of
nights on the complex itself, and up
until that point just on Pit 2 really). So
now turning my attentions on catching my first 30, Pit 3/Specimen Lake
was the best chance. From then on in
I was to collate any information possi-


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