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Day Ticket 40!
ble from past catch reports, pictures,
and talking to the successful anglers
themselves – literally anything to
build on. My first crack at it came in
early July (three nights – excellent!)
for one reason or another… oh yes! I
was getting married and now had a
littl’un too – sorry, love! I was all ready
for taking a car full of particle and a
cooler box full of boilies for my attack
as two lots of anglers I did speak to
either went in using 5kg of particle
per rod and 50 boilies over the top or
just took the boilie approach. I spoke
to Nigel at Rigmarole, and he kindly
got me Terry’s number so it wasn’t
until literally the day before I went
(Tuesday from memory) that I managed to speak to Terry, and he kindly
answered a lot of my questions, and I
listened when he spoke. Terry preferred the pure boilie approach and,
who was I to argue with that? Along
with making up a few rigs, all the particle (20kg) was unloaded from the car
and he also said not to bother with
the spod and marker – I liked what he
was saying better by the minute!
Armed with sound knowledge and
a plan I turned up early that Wednesday morning but not as early as I’d
liked, and I was dreading that certain
swims were taken, but to my relief a
swim called the Treeline was free. It
commanded one corner of the lake
from the causeway and gave you a
snaggy corner, a long treeline dotted
with snags to the right, and the corner
of an island with open water to the
left. I was advised to stay away from
the treeline to give the carp a sense of
being safe, so it was the corner of the
island that had a good track record for
producing a few. After taking my time
in finding a few spots and walking the
rods down the bank to clip up, things
were looking good and the weather
was bang-on too! The first 24 hours
were a little hit and miss and I didn’t
like how my rig looked like in the
edge. The new mainline Cell, not long
out, was quite soft and I had trouble
keeping it on the hair. So I got around
that problem, and being quite fond of
the inline leads I tied up a few drop off
lead setups with some nice 3oz
brown coated leads, which were nice
because the coating allowed them to
pick up detritus from the lakebed, and
over a few casts took on a new colour
to blend in… perfect!
I got the rods back out to the spots
with still time to put some bait out
with the catty. I’m sure the coots and
ducks ate the majority, so I spread it
about a bit to keep them out of the
way. It was just coming up to 6pm
when I received a take from the spot
nearest the island. There was basically a plateau that shelved up to a
big weedbed, and I was fishing a spot
tight against it by the island margin. I
was on it within seconds, and the fish
had to come back out into open
water, with the lead system working
perfectly, as it was up on the surface
straight away, making the fight easy
until it got to my margin for netting.
That was then it was a scrap to keep
it clear of the snags either side, but in
she went, and a good’un too! A look
into the net and a row of scales stood
out – a mirror I thought, which was
uncommon for me, but very welcome
(I was hoping for one of the 30 commons). Being midweek there weren’t
(Above) The Lynn, properly nailed in
the bottom lip.
(Below left) The rig that caught The
(below right) The setup I caught Nina
on. I fish it with an 18mm Cell boilie.
many other people on the complex,
and I had Pit 3 to myself, so I needed
to shout over the only single angler on
Pit 2 who was trying to get his bivvy
up before the rain kicked it. He kindly
helped with the weighing and there it
was, just bouncing on/off 30lbs. I
couldn’t believe it, my first bite and a
30! Come on! It was nicely nailed in
the bottom lip and the barbless long
shanks did a fine job! The guy then
had to dash over to his swim to set up
in the rain no doubt (whoever you
were, thanks again for all your help!).
After the texts to Terry he suspected
it was a fish he and his brother Si
named the Lynn, a rare visitor to the
bank and a cracking good looker too!
That just made it for me.
It wasn’t until the following night
that the same rod was away again on
the same spot (because of the weed I


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