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Day Ticket 40!
struggled to get a strong enough
mainline at short notice so the actual
rod I had the bites from was loaded
with 20lb sea line that I intended on
backing out one of my big pits with).
Another take, just as before, and I was
soon leading another mirror in
towards the net! This time a sparsely
scaled grey looking fish, but very nice
nonetheless. It went 25lb 8oz, but by
this time the other angler had left so I
had to take some on the mat. Luckily
they came out because it was that
dark I couldn’t see anything in the
viewfinder! So that was it for that
I planned to start fishing it as much
as I could in 2009 and kept in touch
with the lake. It usually shuts down
October to March with the odd one
nicked out if you were lucky. To cut a
long story short, the place got
rammed that year leading up to the
time local tackle shop Davies Angling
were telling me how some guy had
been in and bought literally every
(Right) The ‘Nina Rig’ – they’re not
(Below) A very hard-fighting 29lb Pit
2 common carp, caught right under
the rod tip. My 82-year-old father did
the pics – a proud day!
bucket they had, and was filling it in
with particle. When my yearly chance
to get a few nights together came
along I took a walk around there and
it just didn’t feel right, so I headed up
to Oxford. I had a decent result for
mid-September going on what the
rest of the lake had been fishing like,
and even the bailiff said the constant
change in weather was ‘giving them
the arse’, which was a bit worrying.
So that done, and happy with the
result, I then planned to get back on
Twynersh for 2010.
For the remainder of 2009 October
onwards I had just found confidence
in a new bait from CC Moore from my
session at Oxford. Typically I took gallons of maggots, kilos of small pellets
and around 7kg of my new boilies in
10/12mm. There was a point on one
side of the lake I was on and it was an
80-90yd chuck to where the fish were.
In short I still had my Entohs loaded
with 17lb X-line, and if it wasn’t for
the aid of a glove, I would have cut
through my finger, as it didn’t make
casting three rods easy! But if I can
get away using it I will. I basically disregarded the kilos and gallons of pellet and maggots and fished single
12mm boilies tipped with mini corn
on their own, as the tiny bags I nicked
on the hook usually came off mid-cast
anyway, but it was the key. 11 bites
where most struggled to get three
was a good result, and a few were
going home early because of the lack


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