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Day Ticket 40!
of action. Also there was a fella
named Pete down from the Midlands
with a few mates, so Pete, if you’re
reading this, thanks very much again
for the photos and respecting my
space, mate! (Not like the others that
jumped in after me early and spooked
Anyway, I started to nip away from
work early, and instead of fishing a
few hours I started mapping out the
swims and the features. It was bitte rl y c o l d mo s t da y s , s o pe o pl e
thought I was mad! Perhaps I was? I
started prebaiting with boilies until
the end of the year when I took the
plunge and started rolling my own.
2010 was soon upon us and I was
now getting down to the lake mid
week and trickling some in regardless
of whether people saw what I was
doing. Thankfully they were nearly all
pike anglers, and I just stayed out of
their way. I’d now got permission to
fish every other weekend on day sessions, and kept plugging away
regardless even though it seemed
that the only fish were being caught
on midweek overnighters, or a least
the bites were coming in the very
early hours of the morning. On the
Specimen Lake Si Hofgartner winkled
out Baby Baz at a new weight of 39lb
from the Boat Swim, but other than
that it was pretty much shut down,
and then we received the snow and
then the ice! Weeks went past and it
was un-fishable, it was torture, all the
time knowing that as soon as it
cleared the fair weather anglers
would be back out in force.
I missed the first weekend it was
clear, but it was very busy as usual.
Still I kept going, still blanking with
nothing but a few liners and possible
surface sightings to go on. As the
weeks went on the carpers were
starting to get back out, and it was
now only a month to go until the wife
was due with our second child. What
happens after that is probably not a
lot, I fear. So up came my next chance
to go on the 20th March. I sorted my
bag for the trip and tied fresh rigs on
in readiness to make the most of the
daytime hours. I stuck to my guns on
using boilies only, as they tended to
(Top) A long 29lb Pit 2 common on the
mat, immaculate.
(Left) Last gasp pit 2 20, Sept 08. Pit 2
is full of these beauties!


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