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Day Ticket 40!
Nina 44lb 14oz. My first UK English 40
and a new lake record and PB. Just
be big boilie munchers on the lake. I
was lucky enough to bump into a fella
named Lee who had done well on
there in a short space of time doing
the opposite and going for the particle
approach. He was a nice bloke and I
was happy to use the time to listen to
any advice he had, and the horror stories of the past anglers literally filling
the place in with boilies. To be honest
it really put me off whilst we were
chatting, but he assured me it was
definitely worth a go even for short,
day session weekend angling. I also
thought about bait again, as although
I had my new bait they thought that a
certain Cell was probably the bait of
last season. So that Friday I chatted to
a mate of mine, Pete from Tackle Tarts
Angling about how depressing it was
about the limited time I had, how
busy it was likely to get this year with
the carp being restocked into different lakes etc, etc and spoke about bait
from what Lee had told me. So I
picked up a bag of 18mm and a bag of
14mm Cell. As it happens I also had a
few kilos of another boilie in the
freezer at home that previously did
the damage on there, and after a call
to Steve at Ace Baits he put me onto
Yateley Angling.
Finally Saturday came and I was
quick that morning to get out and get
the pick of swims after keeping in
touch with the owner, Paul. I couldn’t
sleep so I was that early that I waited
in a lay-by up the road until it had just
turned 6am. I went into the office,
and, day ticket purchased, I recall saying to Paul that I only had a few
weekends left before the baby was
due to nick one out. If anybody knows
me and my obsession with Twynersh
there is one fish in particular that I
dearly want to catch; the Big Headed
Common, last time out the previous
summer at 35lb 12oz. I was relieved to
see that there were no other anglers
on the causeway bank apart from a
new ticket member Jason and two
lads that had most of one side of the
lake to themselves the whole week!
My favoured swim is the Treeline, but
because of the all the extra rain we
had recently the bank was under a
few feet of water so that was out, so I
opted for the swim to its left, which
still gave me most of the same water
and the option of both of the island’s
I then had a nightmare for the next
hour and a half, as I managed to put
several rigs in the tree above, but got
them all down bar one (sorry, Paul!). I
then took my time getting the spots
sorted properly, waiting for a proper
drop. Once sorted I dispatched a few
kilos between the two rods at either
corner and baited a line from the Treeline to the corner, then a line to the
other corner and across from the open
channel to be sure to intercept them if
they came through, with both rods on
the Ace baits.
Then I was in trouble, as the lovely
hot curry I had two nights before was
planning its revenge, so I had no other
choice but to reel in, find someone to
watch my gear and get sorted out
quick! I recognised an angler that I
spoke to a while back setting up on
Pit 2 and he was a big help (thank
you!). I arrived back my swim quite
relieved to see my gear was still there,


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