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Day Ticket 40!
It suddenly started dawning on me
that she had never gone past that
weight since Si caught her in 2005 I
believe, so that meant she was at a
new lake and complex record weight
too! Unbelievable. The pictures were
done, for which she behaved impeccably, and was then returned none
the worse or wear. I shook Paul’s
hand, who looked as happy as I was
with the result, and he thanked me,
which meant a lot to me as there are
some very capable anglers fishing
this lake! A few texts and phone calls
and it was a slow pack up. I obviously
didn’t mind it wasn’t the Big Headed
Common, but not only did I catch a
common that I so badly wanted to
catch – it was over 30 and the biggest
in the lake! Absolutely mental! I was
useless for the rest of the day and
needed a well-deserved drink! Job
Needless to say the missus was
pleased that the obsession for a 30lbplus common was over. I spent the
next week at work in a daze. It is still
a bit unreal, and I just didn’t plan it to
happen like it did. It was a stalking
opportunity that paid off a lot better
than I’d hoped! So what next? There
are so many other quality fish in the
Specimen Lake and the overall quality
and variety is what has kept me going
back year after year! My thoughts
then turned to how my two Cemex
syndicate places were fairing, and
would you believe it, exactly a week
later I get a letter from Cemex telling
me a place is now free on one of
them! How’s that for timing?
So there we have it, a new 44lb
14oz PB and a big common too, from
a day ticket venue, ten minutes from
home and a place that my words
alone can’t put into perspective – it’s
always been very special to me
despite my limited time. I can’t think
of any other venue in the Colne Valley
that can beat it for being so accessible to all, It has great location, it’s very
well run and kept, has stunningly
landscaped surroundings, friendly
staff and a good chance of fish whatever your quarry, practically all year
The fact that the whole venue
doesn’t contain a single Simmo as
well is testament to the quality of
carp, and you only have to look at the
website www.twynershfishingcomplex.com gallery to see a sample of
A gut feeling re-cast produced this 21lb 8oz leather from the Gap.
the beautiful variety of specimens it
holds! And wait until you see the pictures that Paul has in the office. I dare
you not to be tempted to have a go!
S p e a k i n g o f l i m i t e d t i m e, m y
brother-in-law John is a keen carp
angler, and has been fishing for carp
most of his 30-plus years. He only
gets to go a handful of times a year
but more often than not he catches a
few! He knows only too well of my
obsession with Twynersh over the
years, and he mentioned not to forget
telling you readers about the countless hours on the banks I’ve put in, in
all weather, watching, learning and
mostly blanking. The hours spent in
winter in the freezing cold, mapping
and marker floating my targeted areas
that I know the BHC has been caught
from, the midweek lunchtime dashes
to prebait my spots, the long hours
rolling bait on my own in a freezing
cold shed with a badly fractured hand
for the last five months, and spending
any time possible gaining every scrap
of information and pictures available
on the venue. Also I’ve been getting
to k no w the l a k e s , the fi s h, the
anglers, the lot!
It’s just left to me to say a big
thank-you to Paul the fishery manager for a top notch venue, the Hofgartner brothers for inspiring me
(notably Terry’s great article in BC), to
the friendly anglers on the bank, the
local tackle shops and all the fellas on
the Cemex forum, you know who you
are, and last but not least the support
from family and most of all my wife
Emma who I love dearly for being so
understanding and putting up with
my obsession for carp fishing, despite
having very limited time on the bank
because a lot of it is done away from
it! Thanks for reading. n


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