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Made in England
Just for the Record
by Keith Jenkins
t the beginning of
my book I’ve used a
few lines from a Van
M o r r i s o n s o n g,
‘Days like this’, and
recently I had just
one of those days. Last Friday, actually, the second of October. What a
day! My daughter, Christine, was
very, very expectant, but the council
insisted that she had to achieve the
size of a gravid mule before she could
move into her three-bedroom house,
and so it was that I was geared up to
help with that move on Friday morning. Ayla had stayed with us on Thursday night, and she, Linda and I were
somewhat surprised to see mummy
waddling up the drive towards the
back door at a little before eight in the
morning. Then she took up the classic
‘legs spread, arms on the wall’ pose
and it became apparent that things
were about to happen – fast!
(Top) Chilly and Willow – Beauty and
the Beast?
(Below Left) Guess the weight, or the
(Below Right) The Keeper finished ,
what a day that was.
She, Lin and Ben were soon on their
way to the hospital, whilst Ayla and I
sorted out the van for the move.
Christine left our house at eight thirty
in the morning, and at one minute
past ten, young Willow was saying
hello to the world – like I said, fast!
I needed to call lots of people, obviously, and one of the first was Chilly.
He’d been with me when we went to
see Ayla at her birth, and had been
adopted as surrogate grandad, so he
definitely needed to know of this latest event. He’d had a sorry couple of
days’ angling, and was on his way
home with his chin on his chest. Then
I called.
‘Hello, Grandad,’ I said, and he bellowed down the phone like only he
can. He has since declared, to one and
all, that he suddenly realised how


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