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Made in England
(Above) Last hoorah for Lee Fisher
(Below) and the Big Common to boot
Now, is it just me that thinks that
sounds wholly unhealthy? Think
about it: carp are capable of living just
as long as most humans, so that
means that a four-year-old fish is the
same age as a four-year-old human.
Not like ‘dog years’ and ‘cat years’;
they are one to one with us. So, how
would we react, what would we
think, if a four-year-old child had
reached a weight of 12 stone and was
6ft tall? Would we see that as normal
and something to be glorified, or
would we be thinking ‘freak’ and ‘thyroid’ and ‘dead by the time it’s 20’?
It’s not healthy, and in a human
child it would be called obese, and the
parents would be vilified for ‘demand
feeding’ it since its birth. I’m sorry,
but I see that as more abhorrent and
illegal than the introduction of the fish
in the first place. The anglers that fish
there are most likely unaware of the
carp’s growth rates, but, to be honest,
I doubt if it would concern them if
they were aware. Oh, and one other
point: 60lb and 70lb carp imported
from France? Illegal. Against the law.
Not allowed in this country – ever.
The joy of that was that Ruth Lockwood was in conversation with the
owner on Keith Arthur’s ‘Tight Lines’
programme recently and, in the best
Columbo-style interrogation, actually
got the guy to admit that he was
going to import them from France, at
which point she was at his throat like
a wolfhound and didn’t let go until he
had whimpered away into a corner.
Remarkable, Ruthie.
Sadly, I’m sure that this is just the
start. ECHO has been banging the
drum so loud for almost a decade, and
still people only choose to hear the
tambourine. So many people still
don’t, or won’t, understand, and I’m
afraid that Pavyott’s Mill may be just
the start of the instant 40’s and 50’s
waters on this side of the channel.
Fortunately, the majority of people I


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