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Made in England
meet when fishing nowadays are of
the same mind as me, but they are
also of a similar age, and I wonder if
that is where the difference lies. No,
that sounds remarkably biased, like
every carp angler below 40 fishes for
illegal carp with a clear conscience,
whilst us doddery old bastards try to
outwit the last few remaining old
English warriors that we can find. No,
it’s not like that at all, fortunately, but
I just mean that the instant fame culture that has swept across this country like a California forest fire over the
last decade seems to have grabbed
the attention of younger rather than
older folk, and I see the same thing
happening in carp fishing. Grumpy
old git – you bloody bet I am!
I had Joe, the quintessential G.O.G.
in my swim at the weekend, although
I have to say his most recent attack of
the grumps did me a bit of a favour,
but that doesn’t mean I agree with it,
but that’s another story. It’s the
Bridge Bay, you see. The fish have
used it as a sanctuary since they’ve
been in there, and we’ve all walked
past and dreamt of dropping a bait in
there, just once. Well, last year Joe
opened up a swim at the mouth of the
bay that allowed a bit of a tricky cast
(Top) A brace of pb’s for Dan Eke – the
(Right) And the mirror.
some of the way into the bay. This
served two purposes – to stop people
whingeing about not catching any
fish because they were all in the bay;
and putting a bit of pressure on the
fish so as to move them out. The latter
worked fine; the fish revisiting the
bay regularly, but also getting caught
elsewhere as well (like they used to
anyway). The problem came because
there was only one swim, so only one
angler at a time could fish it, and, on
the occasions when the fish were
there in numbers, the lucky angler
could really fill his boots. So, Joe was
in a quandary. Keep it open and listen
to the whingeing, or keep it closed
and allow the fish to take up resi-


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