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Made in England
dence. Open it was, but even then
‘some’ were more fortunate than ‘others’, and ‘some’ felt it necessary to
fish there as much as possible, to the
annoyance of the ‘others’.
Are you keeping up?
Anyway, Joe’s latest plan was to
make the swim a ‘48 hours only, with
no return within seven days’ type
swim. The angler who was last in
there happened to have a glorious
session, landing six 30’s in a nine-fish
haul, including the Big Common at a
little over 40 – its first time at that
weight. Well, when he turned up the
following Thursday the swim was
empty again, so, assuming that the
rule had started on the Sunday, after
he left, he moved straight back in. It
didn’t take long, however, before he
was politely informed it might be
wise to vacate the swim before Joe
returned from a short break – hence,
when I turned up on Friday afternoon,
my astonishment that the swim was
empty, and I was in like Flynn. Of
course, it was the classic ‘you should
have been here last week’ scenario,
and I managed just one upper double
in my less-than-48-hour stay (does
that mean I’m still owed seven hours,
Joe?). Unfortunately, Lee and Joe didn’t see eye to eye about the misinterpretation of the rules, and will not see
eye to eye again, well not on Broad
Me, I’ve got to say I thought Lee
was a bit silly. If I’d had a haul like
that I wouldn’t have given a damn
where I’d fished for the rest of the
season, but I certainly wouldn’t have
gone back in there. It’s a small, dingy
little swim where you’ve got to be
constantly alert for the merest bleep;
not my idea of fun. Plenty more lovely
swims around the lake. Oh well, good
luck, Lee, might see you around – nice
As I said, I managed to get in there
on Friday evening, just as the rains
came down in force for the first time
(Top) Ghostly leathers abound for
Anthony Hardy.
(Below) And thirty pounders at that


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