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Made in England
Keith’s Carp of the Month
This Roach pit lump gets Spencer the Spirit Level award, at last.
it might be handy for putting under
the leg of your bivvy table when you
set up on one of those steep old
banks. Well done, mate.
Now don’t think that’s set a precedent; I can give and I can take away,
all right. That does leave the Spirit
Level Award still to be decided, and I
know just the bloke. He, also, caught a
couple of lovely fish, but in doing so
he had to incur ridiculous travelling
costs, and a fair amount of miles –
well, at least for one of the fish.
Spencer Wright does know his way
around Monks Pool on the Isle of
Wight, and had to suffer being outfished by the lovely Treena earlier in
the year, but he’s plugged away,
catching some lovely fish since the
spring, and culminating in a beautiful
40lb common from the Pool. Then
came the travelling part. He also had
a ticket for the Roach Pit, in Hampshire, and that entailed a few trips
across the Solent on the hideously
expensive Isle of Wight Ferry (and I
should know; I’ve done the trip three
times this year already), and just for a
few weekends’ fishing. But last week
he got his just reward and landed a
cracking old mirror of 36lb from the
Pit. Brilliant, Spence. Don’t you worry
mate, loads of people will have a copy
of my book (I hope), but only half a
dozen or so have received the coveted Spirit Level Award, so use it with
pride – your rods will never have been
so straight!
My old mate Chilly makes it into
here again, but not just because he’s
caught himself a 43lb mirror, which is
reason enough. No, he sealed it when
he called me later in the day, after the
initial ‘Light My Fire!’ call that morning, and told me that, as the fish had
not been recognised by anyone, he
was going to call it… Willow. Good
man yourself, Chillcott, always a winner!
Finally, look. Me and Jim Shelley
don’t get on. He don’t like me; I don’t
like him, but that’s life. But I do have
to, grudgingly, say, ‘Well done’. In the
space of a couple of weeks he’s
bagged himself a 47lb common, and
the most sought after mirror in the
land at 51lb. So, well done, Jim –
bloody fine angling. And apparently
they both weighed exactly what you
said. Nice.
Right, I think that’s my lot for now.
Haven’t seen the new Attenborough
series, ‘Life’ because I’ve been writing
this so I’ll have to get it on ‘Catch Up’
and give you my verdict next week, as
if you don’t already know what I’ll
say. But, did you see ‘Lost Land of the
Volcano’? Holy shit, that was incredible! What a joy to think there are still
huge chunks of the earth still
untouched, and unexplored by man,
and long may they remain so.
So, see you at Sandown? Hope so.
Feel free to chat, tell me about new
bands I should listen to, buy my book,
whatever you like. Look out for some
Christmas deals on the Freebird website.
And get me some photos in for the
Christmas mag. Laters. n


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