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Made in England
Wishbone played all the old faves, brilliantly.
double album, with three extra tracks and three live tracks,
and the three extras really should have been on the album
because they do compliment it perfectly. Oh well, didn’t
cost any more for the special edition so I’d recommend getting that one. All in all, it’s Skynyrd, and you get just what it
says on the red, white and blue tin. Yeehaw!
Talking of duelling guitars, Porky and I went to see Wish-
bone Ash in concert recently. Well, maybe I should say we
went to see Andy Powell with some other musicians, as the
various members of Ash have been spread to the four corners, never to play together again. Still, once they got into it
you just had to sit back and enjoy. Most of Argus was rolled
out, along with a few early faves, and by the end of a couple
of hours, the rousing finale of ‘Phoenix’ and ‘Blowin’ Free’
sent everybody home with a smile on their faces. Brilliant
stuff; I loved every second.
The lead-up to Christmas is beginning to look quite
rocky, along with a couple of dates with Aynsley Lister, and
one with Thea, we’ve also discovered there’s a new club in
Crawley called the Wingspan, which is now a Friday night
rock venue, and coming up we have a Bowie tribute band
and a cool, young blues boy called Oli Brown. I’ve read a lot
about him, so I’ll definitely be seeing him, and as he’s sandwiched between Aynsley and Thea on the first weekend in
December, I may well need a bit of therapy to get me ready
for work the following week.
I would carry on and tell you about the Monsters of Folk
and Fiona Apple, but I’ve only just started listening to them,
but more importantly Cathy, our book design lady, has just
arrived with the finished manuscript, complete with pictures and everything, so I have to sit down and rub it all
over me.
Should I survive, I hope to see you somewhere soon. I’m
the one with the hair. n
B I G C A R P TO P T E N - Ta c k l e S h o p
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