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A Question of Bait
pot of little bright fellas and the windups had started very early, even for
Dave , but I was undeterred and confident!
Having got my rods sorted on their
respective spots, it only left the
buzzers and sticks, and I was in the
process of doing so when I received
the next torrent of abuse. You see I get
very attached to treasured items of
tackle, and was setting up my old
Delkim conversions, one of which –
the yellow one – has to be ‘bump
started’ by removing the cover and
blowing on it a couple of times, but
it’s never let me down despite many
years of this little ceremony.
Dave however would not let it go…
“That’ll never work – how do you
expect to catch using that lump of
doo-doo,” etc etc. He was on a roll,
and I just had to roll with it, reminding
him that millions of bites had registered on Delkim conversions just like
these even before the unfortunate day
that his father had inseminated his
mother, and all the while she’d been
changing his nappies, wiping his
nose and singing him sweet lullabies
to overcome his fear of the dark.
Anyway I was soon sorted, and we
were sat enjoying the afternoon banter, with the Delkim conversions still
being shown no quarter by young
Dave. As the light was just starting to
fade, a little yellow light came on
under my right hand rod swiftly followed by a series of beeps. I was on it
like a flash, and never being one to
stand on ceremony in a tight swim, I
My Mate Dave.
My 'Lucky' Delkims.
put a very large mirror carp on its
back and bundled it into my landing
net before Dave had his chesties past
his knee caps (that’s not very far on
The fish – a real stunner known as
‘Drop Scale’ - went 43lb 15oz, and
looked glorious. We rattled of a few
shots and popped her back none the
worse for the experience. I developed
an acute bout of Tourette’s, and Dave
went a little quiet. Now I’m never one
to get bigheaded and put the boot in
having enjoyed such very good fortune; it’s just not right, not even when
deserved or seemingly appropriate.
You must remain dignified in success
at all times. I just gave him a little
handful of mini fluoro yellow toppers,
thanked him from the bottom of my
heart for the guest session, including
second choice of swim, and assured
him that having ‘vibration sensing’
definitely wasn’t a jinx!
I like this sort of fishing; results
occur far more regularly than you’d
ever expect if you meet the fish half
way and get the rods out. I’ve got
many very happy memories of sessions like this during the winter when
one of us has got lucky on a spur of
the moment session. In fact I adopted
the exact same approach on another
guest session with my mates Donk
and ‘The Murdering Cabbie’ on
another water the following week,
and caught again. Although the fish
was half the size, it was just as welcome, and proof again that very light
high-attract baiting of a fairly large
area can be very productive in the
depths of winter.
So in answer to your question,
watercraft is paramount in all winter
angling – bait very lightly incorporating an amino based liquid like the
Cow Cola, use a dash of colour in your
presentation to direct a fish’s attention to it, and the results will come if
you get it right, or in my case get
lucky. Either way good luck and enjoy
it when it happens! n


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