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Back To Reality
t’s felt as if I’ve been on a bit
of a roll in recent months, and
as a result of that I was
expecting to have another
fish capture or two to recount.
But as is often the case in
carp fishing my run of success has for
the moment come to an end. In fact
things on the fish front have been a
bit grim for me, but that’s all part of
the ups and downs of a season on the
bank. As mentioned at the end of last
month’s piece, it had been arranged
for me to go over to Fryerning Fisheries to take part in the filming of a
new Nash Tackle promotional DVD,
and the 12th of October saw me
heading off to the venue for a few
days’ fishing. Dave Fuidge and Jamie
Clossick were also in attendance and
a good time was had by all.
Fryerning Fisheries is just ten minutes off the M25 junction 28 at Ingatestone and is run as a syndicate by
Chris Knowles, the lake’s owner.
There are actually three lakes on the
complex but the main lake, which is
around 18 acres in size, was the one
chosen for our visit. With depths ranging from 3ft to 20ft and an island up at
the damn wall end it looked like an
interesting lake to fish. The lake is
really well stocked with a huge number of 20’s, a recorded stock of 70 30’s
and five 40’s including a 40lb common. On the downside there is also
an abundance of crayfish present in
the lake, which, at times can be a bit
of a pain, but having said that, I’m
sure these little creatures have a lot to
do with the growth rates of the fish.
(Top) Looking out from my winter
(Below) All three of my winter rigs.
Chris has done an amazing job with
the complex and even has his own
development and research centre. I
arrived at the lake at a little after six in
the morning just as it was getting
light, and met with Dave and Jamie
who had arrived the night before. We
sat and had a brew before I set off for
a walk around the lake to see where I
could set up for my session. The pair
of them were fishing the dam wall
end of the lake, but after a good look
around I opted to fish the far side of
the lake opposite the lodge. After barrowing my gear around I got myself
sorted and prepared ready for Nick
the cameraman, Alan and Richard
who would be arriving shortly to start
the filming. I was going to be doing
my piece on the Trigga Link hook link
material; I’m a big fan, and a regular
user of this stuff – the ‘bungee effect’
it creates is perfect for outsmarting
spooky rig-shy carp.
I must admit I was feeling a little bit
apprehensive, but once I got sorted
and the guys turned up and the filming was underway it actually went
really smoothly. All went well and as
soon as the filming was finished and
the guys moved on I was left to get
the rods out and do some proper fishing. I had a lead about the swim and
found a lovely spot at about 50yds
that I decided to put two rods on. The
other rod was cast to the centre area
of the lake where I had seen a fish
show earlier during filming. I spodded
out around 8kg of my bait mixture
which consisted of hemp, corn and
Scopex Squid boilies in a range of
sizes to the spot at 50yds. Hookbaitwise I used the Nash Mutant 15mm
boilies in an attempt to outwit the
Nick was on hand with the camera
for the days we were at the lake to
record any action or fish captures,
which could then be added to the
DVD. We had a very enjoyable few
days fishing, but unfortunately nothing was caught by any of us. Catching carp ‘on demand’ for the camera
is never an easy task and this time it
just wasn’t to be. Although I was on
fish, they were just not playing ball.
Just as we were leaving, Chris very
kindly offered us the opportunity to
return the following week for another


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