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for a cuppa and a chat.
As we sat talking, I noticed another
fish show out in front of me, and then
just at that moment I had an
absolutely savage liner, so much so
that it had me running for the rod. It
was my right hand rod this time,
which I was fishing in the margin.
Another fish showed in between us
five minutes later, then another and
another. As the afternoon went on,
more and more fish showed, and we
were both feeling really confident.
The conditions were perfect for spotting fish, flat calm and a clear sky, and
as the evening drew in we had seen a
good 25 shows in the “zone”, some of
which were good fish. The fish continued to give a great display well into
the night, and at just after 9.40, Neil
and I sat chatting with a guy called
Bill, who was fishing over on Black
Swan. Bill had reeled in to come
around for a drink and a chat, and
then suddenly Neil’s middle rod
ripped off.
He was on it like a shot, and after a
short scrap I slipped the net under a
(Top) The new Nash spods –
(Below) Neil Haynes with his
cracking 29lb 8oz Dinton Common.
nice sized common. Even while he
was playing the fish, further fish were
still showing, and I was convinced
another take would soon be coming.
At first we thought it to be a common
of about 23lbs, but as it was lifted
from the water it seemed to grow in
size. Up on the scales it weighed in at
29lb 8oz, and I’m sure you will agree
from the picture, it’s a lovely looking
fish. Once the photos were done the
common was slipped back to fight
another day, and Neil got the rod back
out. Nothing else was caught that
night, but fish continued to show
right up to when I retired for the
When I woke the following morning, the weather conditions had
changed, a southerly wind had picked
up, and no more fish were seen for the
rest of my session. I did receive further liners, but again there were no
fish for me. I did have a bit of a ‘mare


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