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In Search of Monster Carp
e join Steve
this month
as he tackles another
B o y e r
venue in the Colne Valley.
I suppose after that Colnbrook West
was the next water I got involved
with a little bit, which was another
one of the Boyer Leisure waters.
They’ve got quite a few nice little
waters all dotted around the Colne
Valley, and most of them have got
some sort of decent fishing on them.
There are no record breakers, but
there were a few nice fish here and
there, and Colnbrook West had this
one that was a mid-30. This was
when a mid-30 was still a big fish, and
it was only four acres, so I thought,
that’s somewhere else to have a little
go at that’s not too far away. I thought
it would be a nice fish if I could catch
it, and it sounded like it got caught a
few times, so it shouldn’t be too hard,
and I set about having a go for it.
I really enjoyed fishing there; there
were loads of fish in there, and I’ve
never seen carp that were so active.
You could always find carp in there,
and whether they were cruising
about, jumping or bubbling, there was
always something to get your interest
going. The people on there were great
as well; here were no names on there
or anything like that, but everyone
always seemed to get on alright, so it
was good in that way. I suppose this
fish did get caught a few times, but it
always seemed to be after I’d gone
home, or before I got there. I’d get
down there at the weekend and I’d
hear, “Oh Warty was out on Thursday.”
So I thought right, I’ve got to get
down there and do a week’s session
when no one is there. So I got down
with Joan actually, and I was fishing
this swim that had a plateau out in
front. I had a couple of pop-ups,
Scopex and Esterfruit, out on this
plateau. There wasn’t much about,
but I saw this fish right over in the far
corner, the first one of the morning up
on top with its back out, and it was
like, oh, there’s one over there in the
Over about a 20-minute period, this
fish cruised up and down, zigzagged
across the lake, and gradually got
closer and closer to where we were.
Eventually it came up to the plateau,
and just when it was where my baits
were, just over them, it disappeared. I
looked at the rods, and one of them
went off. It got weeded straight away,
but I played this ball of weed in, and
hey presto, it was Warty in there. I
was a bit unlucky with the weight I
suppose, as it had actually been
nearly 45lb at the start of the season,
and when I had it, it was 36lb, all
spawned out. So I’d caught the fish I
was after, but I thought to myself, I’ll
have to go back and try and get it at
40, because it was over 40. So I did
make my mind up to keep having a go
back there if I could, and I did, but I
was a bit unlucky at different times.
One session I was down there for
five days again, midweek, and I had it
all to myself, and was catching plenty
of fish. I think I’d caught 20 fish or
something in the first three days from
this one little area; they were really
having it and I thought, I’m gonna get
Warty here, no problem. Anyway, this
guy came down, Colin Webb, who had
caught Warty about ten times; it was
like his pet. Every time he came down
it was like, “Oh, I’ve got Warty again.”
He said, “I’ll go round up the back in
the swim up there,” so off he went.
Well, ten minutes later he came back,
(Top right) My fishing partner in
Africa, Sandy Hough, with a good
(Left) Back at Cassien for the winter.


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