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In Search of Monster Carp
and I thought he’d forgotten something, but he said, “You got any
scales? I’ve got Warty.” Apparently he
had cast one rod out before he had
even set up the second one, and it had
gone off with Warty on the end. So
that made 11 times that he’d caught
it, and he had only been there a couple of minutes. So I went round, and it
was 41lb 12oz and I thought, I was
sure I was going to catch it.
So I thought to myself, right, the
best chance I’ve got is to go back in
the opening week of the season, the
following season. It opened on May
1st, and I knew there was always a
chance of that fish coming out in
opening week. Generally it always
got caught opening week, and I
thought well, throughout the year
there are probably 110-150 members
or something who go down there, and
you’ve got to compete with that lot
through the year, but if you’re there
opening week and there are 12 or 15
people, you’ve got a one in 12 or 15
chance of catching it. I ended up getting the swim I wanted anyway, and it
was a bit of a slow start, but I got this
area of bait established out in the
middle, the old Hutchy MC mix it
was. I was fishing white pop-ups over
the top again, and I caught quite a
few fish. Then off it went again in the
afternoon, and I knew it was Warty
because of the weight of it. It took a
long time before I even saw it, but I
netted it, and it looked much bigger
than before, and definitely over 40lb.
I put it on the scales, and it went
38lb – oh no! Normally I’m not one for
recaptures, but I wanted to catch it at
40, but it was never gonna happen for
me. It got caught about ten times that
season, and that capture was the only
capture under 40lb. Literally got two
weeks later it came out at 40lb 8oz,
and every capture for the rest of the
season was over 40, but you know,
you can’t win them all, and you’ve
just got to accept it. It’s another fish
that’s gone now, old Warty, but it was
a proper old character in the Colne
Valley, a nice target fish to catch, even
if I couldn’t get it at the right weight.
I went back to Raduta with Glum. I
was doing a bit of work with Glum,
bless him; he died himself a couple of
years ago now, and he was a good
mate. He did me a lot of favours, so I
took him out to Raduta. It was quite
funny really, because we set up in this
swim and I said, “What do you want
to do for sides, toss a coin?” He said,
“No you just have whatever side you
want.” So I said, “Alright, I know what
side I want,” which was the right
hand side of the swim. I’d fished it
before with Pete Jones, and we both
caught fish, but there was this one
spot that I thought, I know if I ever go
back there, that’s where I want to fish,
so that’s what we did.
I didn’t catch loads of fish but over
(Top) Getting our longest-ever
session off to a great start with this
47lb 14oz lump.
(Left) It had to be tiger nuts in Africa
because of the catfish.
(Below) Out in the boat with Joan
playing a personal best mirror.


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