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Jack Gardner, Pads lake, 24Ib 10oz.
total money raised for the event.
As part of the continued event
fundraising, the attending anglers
worked their magic to encourage
their work colleagues and friends to
donate to Macmillan. This year they
raised a phenomenal £3,300, which
bought the overall total raised for this
event alone to £9000 – a fantastic
effort I’m sure you’ll agree…
Whilst all the committee work
behind the scenes to run the events,
without our sponsors and supporters,
we would not be able to raise the
monies we have (£571,000) over the
past 22 years.
Kev West, Pads Lake, 28Ib.
Kev West, Pads lake.
Stephen McLeod, Pads lake, 28Ib 12oz.
Our sponsors for this event were:
Martin Gardener of Yateley West Fishery, Korda, Yateley Angling Centre,
Gardner Tackle, Sticky Baits, Gold
Label Tackle, Drennan/ESP, Mainline
Baits, Murphy’s Lake, Dynamite Bait,
Vince Scully, Cygnet, Mpress/Calm
Productions, Uxbridge Rovers A&CS,
Rig Marole, Urban Bait, Fox International, Nash Tackle. n
Report fish in
Fisheries enforcement training
Over the first two weekends of the
coarse fishing season on rivers, we,
with support from the Angling Trust’s
volunteer bailiffs, checked 1,461
licences and reported 88 people for
fishing without a licence.
If you’re interested in learning about
fisheries enforcement, you can register to attend one of the Angling Trust’s
Fisheries Enforcement Workshops.
These free workshops offer invaluable
training from police and fisheries enforcement professionals on topics such as the
law, reporting, best practice for water bailiffs, conflict resolution and more. n
The hot and dry weather we’ve seen over the
summer has, in some places, caused deoxygenation and lower than usual water levels.
This can be damaging to wildlife and habitats
and cause serious problems for fish.
If you see fish in distress or notice
extremely low levels of water, please report it
to our incident line on 0800 80 70 60. n


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