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In Search of Monster Carp
year in 2002 was one of my most
It was the first time we’d fished in
the South Arm; we always used to go
up to the North Arm of the lake to fish
in the winter. We went to the South
Arm, again armed with the old MC
Addicted baits, which I was full of
confidence in. I knew they were
going to work at Cassien in the winter, and you know, they did. I was
catching fish from the start up to over
40lb, and I remember one rod going
off; it was Joan’s rod actually, but she
didn’t like going out at night. That rod
had gone off twice, and I’d gone out
like you do, just to get the fish so she
didn’t have to go out in the boat. The
fish were 31lb and 39lb, I remember
that, and then I had to go off to the
shops, and so I said, “I’ll only be an
hour or so and I’ll be back.”
As I was coming back from the
shop, I could see the same rod was
wound in, so I knew Joan had caught
one. I thought fair enough, and got
back to the bank and she said, “Eee
pet, I’ve had one. I don’t know how
big it is, so I’ve just left it in the land-
ing net over the side of the boat.” “Oh
right,” I said, and put the shopping in
the bivvy. I looked at the fish, and
thought, Christ, that’s big, and it was
60lb 4oz, and I was blown away; I was
so happy for her. There are quite a few
people who have said to me that I
must have been gutted, because if I’d
stayed on an hour I would have had
that fish. But no, I was over the moon
for her, because you know, Joan loves
Cassien as much as I do; she loves
fishing as much as I do, and most
times it’s the old story that I do all the
fishing while she’s sitting there enjoying it if you like. But she likes to catch
fish herself, and the thing was, I’d
gone away and she’d done that all by
herself. It had got snagged up, and
she had to wait for it to get out the
It’s not even the first time she’s
done it; a couple of years earlier she
had broken her leg while we were on
Cassien. We had just moved into a
new swim, and I had to pick her up in
the boat and row her back to the
swim, and she said, “I’ve hurt my leg,
but we’re not going home, we’re stay-
(Top) A nice Rodney Meadow mirror
that fell for a Monster Crab pop-up.
(Left) The Monster Crab pop-ups just
seemed to catch me fish wherever I
took them.
(Below left) “Everyone will catch
more than you,” said Ginger Steve.
(Below right) Colnbrook West was a
small water that held a big fish.


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