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In Search of Monster Carp
ing here. I’ll be alright.” Well, about a
week later we hadn’t caught anything, and it was January 1st, and I
had to go and get the new permits. I
had to leave her, and went off to get
the new permits. I came back an hour
later and she was sitting in the edge
of the lake. I could see her from about
200yds away, and I thought, Jesus
Christ, she’s fallen over or something.
Well I got back to the bank, and she
was sitting there in the margins with
a landing net and a rod, and she’d had
a 41lb mirror. She had to shuffle
around on her bum because she’d got
a broken leg, but she caught this 41lb
mirror, and again did it all on her own
while I was away. How she did that I
don’t know, but this time she had
gone one better with a 60lb’er. Fair
play too, as no one can say, “Oh well,
he did that for you.” she did it all herself.
It was a good trip; we caught loads
of fish that trip, and I had them up to
over 50lb myself, with quite a few
40’s. It was one of the best, if not the
best winter trip – wherever we went
we caught carp, it was one of those
trips. The bait was working spot-on,
which was a lot of it. Whereas before
I might have been on the fish and just
didn’t get them, this time when I was
on the fish, I caught them, and a lot of
it was down to the bait. It was just a
great, great trip, but I suppose coming
home from there, the next thing was
the big Wraysbury in England.
It was the same old thing; I’d been
fishing Colnbrook West and plodding
along, trying to get Warty at 40. ‘Warty
the 30’ didn’t quite sound quite the
same, but there we go. It was Simon
Crow who rung me up he said, “What
you doing messing about on
Colnbrook West? You’ve caught it,
blah, blah, blah… Why don’t you go
and have a go at somewhere proper
like Wraysbury?” He said, “I’ve had a
few goes down there and it’s brilliant;
you can use a boat on there, and you
can fish it how you want to fish it. You
(Top left) Pop-ups over fishmeals did
the job and I caught fish every trip.
(2nd from top left) The winning
combination for Colnbrook West –
(Above) Warty captured at last! But
down in weight at 36lb.
(Bottom left) A big storm sweeps
across Lake Raduta.
(Below) I normally adopted a pet for
the session.


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