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Ability Tackle Ltd – Catch Report
Ladies Team member Leazanne Summers
Leazanne was out over the weekend with her
family, and she was using the Ability Curve Size 6
and the Ability Solid PVA Bags. She says: “On
Sunday, we decided to try a venue that my partner
used to fish as a young boy, Plantations Carp
Lake, and also their Coarse Lake. We arrived at the
lake with very wet and windy conditions to start
and set up. I used CC Moore Pacific Tuna topped
with corn and the Ability PVA solid bags of broken
boilie and pellet to match. On my other rod was
Sticky baits Manila topped with corn and an
Ability Solid PVA bag with broken boilie. My fouryear-old boys were using Nashbaits Tandoori Spice
boilies topped with corn. Over the day, the boys
were doing very well on the Coarse Lake, and they
lost a few, only being beginners, but over the day,
they caught seven fish up to 14lb. I had a slow
start on the Carp Lake. With weather conditions
Team leader Paul Grypicz – A Week in Paradise at les Bruyeres.
Paul and friends arrived at the venue late on Friday night so as to be fresh and ready to go Saturday
morning. They managed to speak to the anglers that were leaving and found out one had fished an area
he had found last time he was here and fancied it again. For the first night, Paul thought he’d try and nick
a fish on singles, so out went four long 18in semi-stiff hinge rigs to the areas he’d caught fish from in the
past. Settled down and with the brolly set up, he then realised he’d forgot his mozzie net!
First light saw Paul land his first fish, a mirror of 28lb 6oz. Fish were fizzing all over the other anglers’
bait, so he decided to leave the other three rods out till mid-afternoon Sunday, but nothing else
happened, so it was time for his baiting strategy for the week to begin. Paul went out in the boat, armed
with prodding sticks and H-blocks to find the zones. Once the two spots were located and marked out, it
was a case of taking 15kg of 15/12mm Mad Baits prototype boilies, sharing them out between the spots.
Paul fished two rods on each spot, one bang in the middle and one on the edge of each. Rigs were
long – 18in snowman, wafter or double bottom bait setups to which he added a large PVA mesh of
crushed boilies, also wrapping the hookbaits in paste, which was not boiled from the rolling process. Each
rod was dropped precisely by hand from the boat. The next 36 hours produced five fish: a 36lb 8oz mirror,
an 18lb 2oz common, a 30lb 14oz mirror, a 36lb 8oz mirror, and then the first 40 at 41lb on the dot.
At this point, another 15kg was spread over the two zones, and although the bites slowed, the last
part of the week produced only 40s at 42lb 8oz, 46lb 12oz and 44lb 12oz and the last night a stunning
box of a mirror at 45lb 10oz. Eleven takes in the week resulted in ten landed; rigs were tied using Ability
Curves, Ability long shanks (test product) and the Ability Chod. Paul also incorporated the Ability rig rings,
Ability micro hook swivels and Ability hook beads. All in all Paul had a great week with great company
and good fishing.
improving and the weather getting warmer in the
afternoon, I managed to bank a lovely mirror, and
then close to packing up both rods went off, and I
banked another two mirrors, one being a beautiful
fully scaled, and the other was 18lb 8oz. It was a
great day’s fishing for my family, and I hope you
enjoy the pictures.”
Catch report from Will Prince
On 13/8/18, I ventured out to one of my members’
lakes to try out Ability Tackle for the first time, and
I have got to say I am very impressed indeed! All
fish were caught on a size 6 Twister. I fished with
two 10mm white pop-ups over a perfectly placed
(thanks to the amazing quality PVA bags) bed of
pellet that resulted in bagging seven fish in total
up to 19lb 6oz. It was a cracking day out and a
cracking bit of terminal tackle.
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