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In Search of Monster Carp
much wrong, so how about letting me
have a ticket?” He said, “Yeah, alright,
fair enough, you’ve been banned for
about 15 years or something.” It was
getting on for 15 years I suppose,
something like that, Christ Almighty.
He said, “Yeah, it’s about time you had
your ticket back,” so I thought, brilliant, and again I had something to
channel my thoughts into – Wraysbury! I couldn’t believe it – my ticket
come through the letterbox, and the
phone rang… Mary had died that day.
I thought, how good’s my luck? I wait
15 years to get a ticket, and then my
ticket drops through the door on the
very day that the fish I’ve joined for
after all of that time died, which was a
real shame. Mary was a fantastic fish,
a lovely, lovely fish. They all go eventually, that’s life, but we’re all very
selfish as well, and we all want to
catch these fish.
But I thought to myself, well, I’ve
got my ticket, and I still had Wraysbury in my head, so that was where I
was going to fish – there were still
plenty of other good fish in there. So I
went down there and to be honest, I
was surprised how many people were
still fishing it. There were quite a few
(Top) A classic Raduta common of
high 40s from a freezing October
session with Simon Crow.
(Left) Back to Colnbrook West for the
start and Warty graced my net again
at 38lb.
(Below) Night fishing was banned in
the summer at Cassien but it opened
up a whole new world of possibilities.
can use three or four rods, get out and
look for your spots, it isn’t too busy on
there, and it has a 50lb’er in it –
Mary’s in there.” I thought yeah, yeah,
he’d dead right; I mean, it’s just a few
miles down the road from where I live.
But of course there was one big problem; I still had this life ban from
Leisure Sports. They said it was a life
ban, and they weren’t joking. This
was years later, and I was still banned,
but by then Jack Ashford had gone,
and Ian Welch had taken over. I know
Joan got on with him very well, and I
got on alright with him; I’d just never
asked for my ticket back.
So I said to him, “How about looking at my ban? I haven’t really done


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