FL13 - Page 95

In Search of Monster Carp
(Above) A 44lb common caught
during a hectic filming session.
(Below left) Fishing days-only at
Cassien was hard work – but worth it!
(Below right) A 50lb 12oz Cassien
chunk that came during the hottest
part of the day.
on there, considering the main fish in
the lake, the famous Mary, had just
died. The first day I just put my gear
in the boat and I thought well, I’ll just
go round and round the lake, see what
I can find, and just take it from there.
Everyone said to me, “Look under the
trees, because that’s where they like
to get.” Well, it’s 120 acres and every
island is covered in trees, the whole
bank is covered in trees, and I
couldn’t find a fish anywhere, so I set
up in Dredger Bay. There are two
Dredger Bay swims, and I set up in
the right hand one.
Nothing happened that first night
and then next day, a guy came down,
one of the twins who I’d met on Fox
Pool all those years earlier. I hadn’t
seen him for years, and I haven’t seen
him since, funnily enough. He just
happened to turn up and he said, “Oh,
hello Steve,” and sat down and had a
chat. Luckily, he knew a lot more
about Wraysbury than I did. Well, I
didn’t know anything about it; I’d just
gone down there, and he said, “Well, if
you go out on the island and walk
along, there’s a spot under the trees


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