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In Search of Monster Carp
b a i t s . B u t y o u k n o w, i t g o t m e
buzzing, there was a Wraysbury 40
eating my bait, and if it would eat my
baits, obviously I had a chance of
catching one.
So I went back, loaded all my gear
into the boat, and moved to the left
hand swim, the Little Dredger swim
they call it. I thought, well, I can’t get
to where I saw the fish feeding, but I
can get about 10-15yds away from it.
There was a line of snags along this
island, and you weren’t allowed to
fi s h fro m the s ta rt o f the s na gs
onwards, but you could fish just the
side of them. So I thought, well, if
where they do like to get at night and
feed.” I thought alright, so after he left
I went across on the island, walked
along, looked under the tree and there
was one of the 40’s, the Pug, sitting
there under this tree with one of the
stockies. I thought, Jesus, this is one
of the Wraysbury 40’s, and I went
back and got some boilies. I thought
well, I’ll probably spook it, but I threw
some boilies in there, and the fish
went round the tree a little bit, came
back, and ate them. It just went down
and ate my bait – Jesus Christ, first
drop of bait on the lake, and I’ve got a
Wraysbury 40 eating my baits in front
of me! The big problem obviously was
that it was in the snags, which were
out of bounds, so I couldn’t fish for it,
which is obviously why it was in
there feeling safe enough to eat all my
(Top) Out in the boat again and I
knew this was a good one.
(Right) 55lb of Cassien mirror – in fact
this is now Cassien’s largest carp.
(Below) Another winter’s night
draws in down in the south of France.


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