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In Search of Monster Carp
they’re moving up and down that
bank, the best thing I can do is put a
bait right in the edge by the trees. I
was using four rods so I went out
there and I found some lovely little
clear spots, and dropped different
baits, and then my fourth one, I didn’t
know what to do with it. It was getting a bit dark, and right in the edge,
just as the bank dropped off, it was
about 4-5ft deep, and there was weed
on the bottom, and I just dropped it in
on the weed. It was crystal clear; I could see the
bait, and it just landed so
that the lead went down
in the weed, but the bait
just rested on top. I
thought that looks
alright, oh sod it, that’ll
do, and left it at that.
I remember I was lying
there, really excited because of the
fish I had seen that day, and at eleven
o’clock I had one bleep. I looked, and
I just saw my indicator rise about half
and inch, and I knew it was a take, so
I literally jumped straight out behind
the rod, and by the second bleep it
pulled out the clip. I was so confident
that I was expecting it almost. I bent
into it, and this fish was obviously trying to get into the snags; it was powering away, and I could hear it thrash
on the surface. I turned it and there
was a big bay to my left, and it kited
round there. I could see these big
boils on the surface, and it fought
hard, but I was gradually gaining line,
gaining line, but as I got it near
enough in front of me, it shot round
left into the channel, which leads into
the North Lake. I felt the line grating
round all these rocks, and I knew
there were some big bits of old concrete there with mussels on. I didn’t
know what I’d hooked; I was expecting it to be one of the stockies, but it
was a Wraysbury carp; you know
what I mean, and I wanted one.
I held on, and it came back round. I
got it into the net, and I looked in, and
I thought Christ, that’s one of the
originals! I’ll be honest; I didn’t even
know which one it was. I knew
Mary’s Mate and Mary and all that,
and I’d heard of the others, but I
(Top) A 51lb 12oz mirror that came
from a reliable spot.
(Bottom left) Joan with a broken leg
and a personal best of 41lb 8oz!
(Below) It was the first time we really
targeted the south arm in the winter,
and it turned out to be a good choice.


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