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In Search of Monster Carp
looked at this little patch of scales,
and I thought, that’s got to be Cluster.
I didn’t know Cluster, but I thought,
you’re Cluster, and it was only my
second night on the lake! Once again,
I’d got a run early into the session, but
this time I didn’t lose it. I do it so
many times, and for once I actually
landed it, and what a fish to land! It
was actually the biggest fish in
Wraysbury after Mary, so it was now
the biggest fish in the lake, and I’d
caught it on my second night. That
w a s v e r y l u c k y o b v i o u s l y, e v e n
thought I’d worked for it, and I didn’t
just turn up, cast out and catch it. I’d
found the fish, and knew what I
wanted to do. but to catch it very
early on is lucky in itself on a place
like Wraysbury. I can understand how
people feel after spending years on a
lake to catch a fish, because I’ve done
it myself. I did it on Johnsons and different lakes where I spent a lot of
time, and then caught a fish, and the
f e e l i n g ’s g r e a t . B u t t h e f e e l i n g
couldn’t have been any better than
when I caught the fish on my second
night, because I knew how good that
was for me at the time. I was blown
away; a Wraysbury carp was just the
best it could be, and yeah, I was
blown away with it – it was a mega
I remember putting it on the scales,
and I didn’t know how big it was
going to be, but it was 44lb 7oz, which
was a English PB for me. I didn’t know
how big it was meant to be; I didn’t
know whether it was meant to be a
mid-30, mid-40 or whatever. Other
people said later that they were
expecting it to be bigger, and I know
it got caught twice more that year at
46lb and 48lb, so perhaps it should
have been bigger, I don’t know, but it
didn’t matter; I caught it and it was
fantastic. If I never caught another
English carp, to catch my PB out of
any of those waters – if you catch one
out of Yateley or Wraysbury, there all
special aren’t they? Very, very special,
so that was a bit good!
Join Steve next time for more Big
Carp action. n
(Top) I came back from the shops and
Joan had this in the net! 60lb 4oz of
Cassien mirror!
(Below) It was a great winter session
with plenty of good fish for me too,
topped by this 51lb 12oz mirror.


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