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Exclusive Manor Madness
wont bore you with the quality
ingredients of this bait, all I will say
is that I have to have 100% confidence in the bait I use and I had
100% confidence in this bait from the
start. It’s basically a fishmeal bait,
but it doesn’t use eggs to bind it
together. Most baits containing eggs
will stodge the fish out, but this was
something different that the fish
could pick up and single out from the
other baits being introduced into the
lake. I would also be changing the
way I introduced my bait before I
fished and whilst I was fishing.
Rather than bait one or two swims
from the off, I was going to bait the
whole lake. I would baits spots on a
little-and-often basis, not depositing
very much bait into one area, instead
dropping half a kilo or so on each
spot around the lake. I also started
baiting like this earlier than I would
normally, at the end of February this
year, which is a lot earlier than I normally start my baiting campaign.
This hopefully would get the fish
used to seeing my bait all over the
lake, the plan being to make them
see this as a free and safe food
I had noticed in previous seasons
30lb mirror and what a stunner
that most anglers would bait with
15mm baits, but not mix and match
any different sizes up. I felt that by
introducing 10mm, 15mm and 20mm
baits I would have an edge, then only
deposit a very small amount of mixed
sizes whilst I was actually fishing,
maybe ten or 15 baits over each rod.
A little edge that I didn’t see anyone
utilising the previous season was to
crush or chop their baits before catapulting them out, something that
had worked for me over the years on
other waters. The way I see it is that
everyone chucks out these little
round balls, and the anglers’ baits
become so predicable to the fish. By
just changing the shape or crushing
a few baits gives your baiting a different approach, the hope being to
fool a wary carp into my net for its
photograph. Sometimes the simplest
of changes reap the maximum of
rewards in carp fishing; you’ve just
got to think outside of the box sometimes, which I agree can be very
hard when you are used to catching
and fishing a certain way. I had also
decided to cut out the particles – the
hemp, maize, sweetcorn and any pellet had to go, as it definitely seemed
to attract the smaller fish in this lake.
So a plan was hatched; I was
happy with my rigs, although ESP
had just brought out their MK2 Stiff
Riggers, and I really wanted to incorporate these super sharp and strong
h o o k s i n t o m y a r m o u r y. I j u s t
couldn’t get along with fishing the
chods that so many of my friends had
been telling me were the nuts.
Undoubtedly the chod is one of the
best rigs around as you will see from
the weeklies, but I just can’t get on
with them. I spoke to a good friend of
mine Jon Mac, who had come up
with a nice little pop-up rig, and he
explained to me how it worked and
how to tie it up using Kryston’s
Snakebite. I tied up a few, and I liked
what I was seeing, how the pop-up
sat above the stiff rigger; it was like a
big sharp claw. I knew then that I
just had to use this rig, as if a fish
picked this up they would be nailed.
I made a couple of minor changes
like using Striptease as it was
slightly stiffer in 20lb strain, and
rather than cut off the excess coating
I simply pulled it back and steamed it
over the kettle to produce a sort of
stiffer boom that the fish would find
harder to get rid of. As with anything
you have to gain the confidence to


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