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Exclusive Manor Madness
(Right) I like to give them a light
coating of oil
(Below) Upper 30 mirror, they were
liking the different sized baits
around the lake slept – it would
come good in time.
The following week I was back
again, with the plan foremost in my
thoughts the week I had been away.
I was surprised to see the lake quite
busy, but once again The Middle
Pads was empty. Strange, I thought,
as it was quite a good swim in the
spring, but a few of the other guys
must have had the same ideas as me
and been targeting Stella. Perhaps
they had also worked out that the
swim was one of the best opportunities to land her, she had been out, so
they were giving it a wide birth so to
speak. It didn’t worry me as I had
introduced a small amount of bait
when I had left. I cast all three rods
out again to the same spots as the
previous week, not using a marker
rod this time. I had been fishing fairly
close in and I wanted to keep the
disturbance to a minimum, so I just
cast out a small 2oz lead. The left
hand spot seemed to be much harder
than the previous week, or so it
seemed, and again I baited liberally
with different sized squashed baits,
and settled in for the next couple of
days with thoughts of my target fish.
Something I feel worth mentioning
when fishing the Manor is that I have
worked out that I can get extra bites
by fishing an ultra slack line, and by
this I mean the line literally hangs off
the end of the rod tips. There is a
shelf all the way round that drops
down quite close in to around the
20ft mark at the bottom, and the
slack lines hug the slope closely so
that the fish don’t get spooked so
much. I also started to use the 20lb
X-Line this year, which sinks like a
stone, and you can’t see it in the


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