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Exclusive Manor Madness
(Right) Ultra slack lines and bobbins
on the floor
(Bottom) I couldn’t believe we had
landed her
light to see the bobbins in exactly
the same position that I had left
them; I was sure I was going to get
one that night. My friend Ping Pong
was in the next swim up so I wandered up to have a cuppa, and it
must have been around 10.30am by
the time I started wandering back to
my rods. As I was meandering back,
just looking at the water for any
signs when I swear I could hear a
couple of bleeps as the line tightened
up on one of my rods. No sooner had
I started to investigate than the
Delkim let out a one-toner.
I hurled myself down between the
shrubs, and I could see the left hand
rod bent round double on the rest. I
picked it up very slowly so as not to
pull the hook, as the line was ripping
off the clutch. It was a good’un, slow,
powerful and it kept very deep, just
plodding along doing its own thing
really. The fish started to kite round
to the right, and the line was getting
near to my middle rod. The middle
rod’s line started to come up in the
water, the alarm gave a series of
bleeps, and the line pinged out of the
clip. I couldn’t believe it – the fish
had buried itself into and under my
middle rod, and what with fishing
such slack lines I just couldn’t see
how the fish had managed it. This
wasn’t good, as by now I was playing
a good fish, but it had my other rod
attached to it too. I called Ping Pong
over, and asked him to get the boat.
We were going to have to land this
fish from the boat, so we donned our
life jackets and pushed ourselves out
onto the pond, the fish was still staying deep and fighting for its life, spinning the boat around at times. As I
held on, Ping Pong managed to position us over the fish, and I could see
through my Polaroids that it was a
really good fish. As she came closer
to the boat I could see it was HER; it
was Stella!! She was going left to
right, then kicking her tail and trying
to use the boat to get rid of the hook.
What a fight it was, under the rod tip


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