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Manor Madness Exclusive
and out in the pond, something I’ll
never forget. I finally managed to get
her head up and towards Ping Pong
who was manning the net. I delicately brought her further towards
us, and she finally slipped into the
net sending plumes of water up and
over us in the boat – I couldn’t
believe we had landed her.
If it hadn’t been for Ping Pong, then
I just wouldn’t have landed her with
both rods tangled up. I secured her
in the net and we rowed the short
distance back to the swim where a
few of the boys had gathered. I took
a moment to get everything ready
and steady myself for having my
photo taken with her. She looked
awesome in the sunlight, and I let
the guys weigh her as I was a bit
blown away to be honest. She pulled
the scales round to 46lb 4oz, and
whilst that was a good weight for
her, it was immaterial. I had worked
hard over the past four years to try
a n d c a t c h h e r, a n d I w a s o v e rwhelmed with euphoria. There was
definitely a sense of achievement, I
can’t explain it, but if you have
caught your target fish after lots of
hard work and a bit of time, you will
know exactly what I was feeling as
she slid over that net. I hoisted her
up for the shots on the mat, and she
behaved really well I must say – a
real lady of the lake. I then got in the
water and Jon Mac managed to get
s o m e r e a l l y g o o d s h o t s f o r m e,
thanks mate. I kissed her goodbye
one last time as I slipped her back to
f i g h t a n o t h e r d a y. I t a l l c a m e
together for sure that morning, and I
had stuck to my plan.
Well it’s September now and I
have been targeting The Northern
since the end of April. I’ve been getting amongst them and sticking to
the plan, and I can feel I’m getting
closer with every trip, so hopefully
the next time I write it will be about
the capture of this other stunning
fish, but until then be lucky and may
your nets be full of whackers. n
Letting her go to fight another day


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