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Lightweight illumination from Coleman…
Coleman launches a new CHT Headtorch range with
BatteryLock® technology
New for 2017, Coleman has extended
its advanced battery light collection
with a new range of lightweight yet
functional, CHT+ Headlamps. Backed
by Coleman’s extensive lighting heritage, the CHT+ 80 and CHT+ 100
both come with innovative BatteryLock™ technology. This means the
batteries can be completely disconnected from the device when not in
use, reducing the risk of residual battery loss or corrosion damage.
Coleman CHT+80 Headtorch
An essential for anyone’s outdoor
kit bag, the CHT+ 80 BatteryLock™
Headlamp weighs just 74g including
its 3 AAA batteries. Perfect for popping into your pack. The headlamp’s
BatteryLock technology will preserve
battery when the torch is not in use.
Comfortable to wear thanks to its
adjustable, elasticated head strap, the
CHT+ 80 BatteryLock™ Headlamp
has a bright, 80 lumen output and a
reliable 10 hour runtime. The CHT+80
BatteryLock Headlamp’s simple
design incorporates just one mode
and its bright CREE LED bulb provides an impressive 40m beam distance. The Headtorch’s pivoting head
means its light can be angled and
directed to suit your activity.
Coleman CHT+100 Headtorch
Bright yet versatile, the CHT+ 100
BatteryLock™ Headlamp is the perfect choice for a wide range of outdoor pursuits. Whether hitting the
hills for a night-time hike or navigating the campsite, the CHT+ 100 BatteryLock™ Headlamp is a reliable
companion thanks to Coleman’s Battery Lock power preservation technology.
Weighing just 90g including its batteries, the CHT+ 100 BatteryLock
Headlamp’s lightweight construction
makes it an ideal choice for walkers,
campers and runners. The high power
CREE LED bulb has a bright, 100
lumen output on high and with three
modes to choose from, users can find
the perfect balance between brightness and battery life.
The CHT+ 100 BatteryLock™
Headlamp has an impressive 55m
beam distance on high and a 10m
beam distance on low. A ‘red’ mode is
ideal for preserving night vision.
Switching between modes is effortless thanks to a button on the top of
the headlamp’s casing and a 60-hour
runtime (low mode) ensures you
won’t be left in the dark. Just like the
CHT+ 80, a pivoting head means light
can be angled as required.
The CHT+100 BatteryLock™ and
CHT+80 BatteryLock™ Headlamps
are both powered by 3 AAA Duracell
batteries which are included. n


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