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Off The Beaten Track
The Unstable
By Lee Colford
don’t know about you, but for
me this last winter was a
headbanger. I fished hard for
no reward, and come the first
signs of spring and my first
bite for months, I only bloody
lost it due to a cut off on my leader. I’d
had enough, and a new challenge
was needed. Thankfully I had just the
place in mind. The venue is one I had
done the odd trip on over the last few
years, and I had picked up snippets of
info from the odd angler I met, and of
course the dog walkers. Plenty of you
will no doubt see dog walkers as a
pain at times, but who better to get
info from than people who are using
the towpath regularly? Obviously
their perspective of fish sizes may be
a little over the top, but generally the
numbers they see and the areas they
see them in are spot-on. If you
haven’t guessed yet from the towpath
clue, the venue in question is a canal
– not just any canal, but one that is
actually disused and “closed” for
angling. The reason for this is the
banks are crumbling away and unstable. The local council has erected long
stretches of fencing preventing you
from getting to the water’s edge


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