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The Unstable Campaign Off The Beaten Track
along a lot of it, although there are a
few places to get the rods out.
After the loss of my first bite in
months it was soon half term for the
kids, so for a couple of weeks the rods
would be gathering dust. I put this
time to good use though; in fact it
probably worked out better, as I took
my time to pick an area and get the
bait going in. Over the half term I
made the nine-mile round trip on my
bike four times, each time emptying a
bucket of hemp, tares, tigers and
Excelsor boilies from Beechwood
Baits over the area. I was buzzing for
it on the few days leading up to my
first trip. On all my recce trips I had
yet to see another angler, but had
seen a few carp. Empty banks and
rarely caught carp – I was looking forward to this! I decided to start off by
just fishing short evening sessions,
arriving around 7:30pm after riding
there from home and fishing through
till 1am before riding home again. A
lot of effort, but I was sure it would be
worth it.
Friday dragged, as it always does
when you’re watching the clock,
waiting for that magic time when you
can leave the world behind and go
fishing. The journey there was trouble
free, and I made good time in spite of
the nonstop rain. I was all set up by
8pm and was happy with how it was
all going. Around 9:10pm the right
hand rod bent round, and I was in!
The fish put up a short but spirited
fight in the fading light. As I drew it
over the net I couldn’t quite believe
my eyes! Over the last few years I had
heard the tales from the dog walkers
and the occasional angler about the
big golden koi, but never had I actually seen it. Yet here it was staring
back at me! It went 12lb, but honestly,
who cares? After a few pics I returned
it and got the rod back out. I was just
in the process of sending a few quick
messages when once again the recast
rod was away! I was liking it here
already. Another spirited but short
fight ensued, and a lovely old looking
11lb 4oz mirror had me smiling from
ear to ear. It was just gone 10pm
when I had the rod back out, but seeing as I had already been blessed with
a lovely brace of fish I decided to give
it till 11:30pm then depart earlier than
planned. As it happens it was a good
decision, and I flew home on my bike
that night. Before I left though, I
deposited half a bucket of hemp,
tares, tigers and Excelsor over the
On my return the following evening
it was a simple case of flicking the
rods back out with just a handful of
Excelsor and tigers around each. It
was looking good with the odd fish
showing in the area, maybe tench,
but with the sun out and not a spot of
rain like the previous evening, I was
more than happy. Again I didn’t have
too long to wait, and just before 9pm I
had a take. This time the left hand rod
was the one to go, and instantly it felt
a better fish than the two the previous
evening. It tried hard to find sanctuary
in the reed bed, but thankfully walking backwards got it away before it
put up a good fight under the tip. As
it popped up for netting my jaw hit
the floor, as a huge mouth and head
neared the net with large scales
adorning its side. I scooped it up


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