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Off The Beaten Track The Unstable Campaign
quickly, and instantly dropped the rod
to take in the beautiful scaly creature
I had been blessed to catch. What a
fish! I let out a little victory cry to
myself whilst securing the net and
getting the mat and camera ready. It
looked even better as it lay glistening
on the mat in the fading sun; I was
truly buzzing! For the record it went
19lb 12oz, but I really couldn’t care!
Feeling blessed with my two short
evening successes I decided to leave
at 10:30pm and again give them a free
meal and not push my luck too soon
in the campaign.
I had a few beers that night once
home, and they tasted ever so sweet
after a blank winter, I can tell you.
The following Wednesday I again
rode up and give them a good hit of
the bait mix. I couldn’t wait for Friday
evening to come around again.
Friday arrived a little earlier after a
bit of sweet-talking to the missus; the
pull was already getting strong. It was
looking good, and I had a quick lead
about on the spot to see if it was getting clearer, and it certainly was.
What was once dying weed and
sticky silt had become much cleaner,
and the lead slid along the bottom.
Unfortunately I spooked one on my
first cast! I got the rods sorted the
same as last week and was confident
of a bite as the reeds were knocking
like crazy. I was thinking after an hour
or so that I should have had one, but
put it down to overconfidence
because of my results the previous
weekend. I figured they would trip up
eventually, so I sat on my hands. How
wrong! I left it till 9:30pm before it got
the better of me, and on retrieving the
rod that had seen the most activity
around it, I noticed it was tangled! A
wasted few hours there, but I live and
learn. I had been using the other rod
as a roaming rod, trying a different
spot with minimal bait just as a contrast to the heavily prebaited area, but
it didn’t produce either. By 11pm the
activity had ceased, so I put out
another good hit of bait and left for
home, a lesson learnt and noted. Also
the old weed had come up and was
floating around everywhere making
line lay a little difficult at times.
Another problem to solve, but I figured it was coming, and already a
solution to this problem was ready to
I only had the one evening session
that weekend, so that was it till the
week after. I planned on doing a full
night next time and try to get the
evening and dawn bite times into
I couldn’t make it back to fish for a
fortnight, but I carried on with the
baiting. Every three days I made the
journey on my bike; I was racking up
some miles, that’s for sure. I baited
with a bucket full of the same mix of
hemp, tares, tiger nuts and Excelsor
boilies every time. My last trip to bait
up was earlier in the day than previous baiting trips. It meant I had a
chance of spotting anything, whereas
before, I was getting in and out
quickly on dusk, which didn’t give me
much chance of fish spotting. To be
honest it wasn’t till I was making to
leave after baiting that I spotted anything, and it was only another koi!


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