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The Unstable Campaign Off The Beaten Track
This one was white with black and
orange markings. I had never been
told or heard anything about this one.
I’m guessing they have come from
the local housing estate after outgrowing their owner’s pond. God
knows what else could be in there.
Thankfully I had managed to
arrange a lift for the weekend. Plans
were afoot to do a full night, so with
any luck the baiting would have
worked its magic, and I would get
amongst them again.
I arrived for my overnighter at
9:20pm and quickly got the rods out. I
had just laid the bedchair out when I
noticed in the distance two fluorescent yellow jackets heading my way
down the towpath. Ah shit… Was I
about to be told to pack up and go
home by the police? I sat down and
didn’t do anything but watch as they
g o t c l o s e r a n d c l o s e r. A s t h e y
approached I nodded in their direction and said, “Evening”. They replied
with an “Evening” of their own and
carried on walking! I guess I was worrying for nothing, ha ha! All was quiet
till around 3am when I had a breamlike occurrence on the left hand rod. I
took my time, put my shoes on and
casually walked to the rod. Upon
picking it up it hooped over, and a
carp rolled on the surface. I had a little
trouble with the ever-increasing
weed clinging to the line. It was making it difficult to net, but in it went
eventually, and a 21lb 14oz ghostie
was my prize. My first twenty of the
year, and the fish were gradually getting bigger from the spot. Nothing
else occurred, and I was packed up
and heading for home by 10am.
I again baited the spot through the
week and fished it on the Friday night
but no joy. I got a feeling they had
moved off to spawn somewhere. What
with the good weather the previous
week, it seems they were waiting for
it. I stuck some more bait on it before
I left though and planned to keep it
going in through the following week,
but not planning to fish it. I thought
giving them a few free meals without
pressure could pay off after their
yearly ritual. I rode up to bait it again
on the Wednesday. Just as I was finishing a guy came along who said he
had been fishing it a little further up
for the past month or so! (Rumbled!!).


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