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Off The Beaten Track The Unstable Campaign
It was quite clear to him I had been
baiting, and I had also cleared weed
from the front of the swim with the
rake. The way he came across, I could
imagine him jumping on it. Time
would tell I guess, but I had a feeling
this could be the beginning of the
end. I would go back up to bait again
Saturday evening, and I would be able
to tell if my peg has been trodden or
not. My next trip fishing I had penciled in for a Wednesday day session.
After that I decided to make the call
to either carry on or leave it be. The
weed was now up to the surface
along most of the stretch, and my
spot was quite obvious, just a 12ft
wide gap in the weed from bank to
bank with large piles of weed on the
bank from my raking efforts to keep it
Saturday I went to stick some more
bait on the spot, and lo and behold I
came across the “other” koi. I managed a quick pic on my phone before
he disappeared under the weed. I was
getting an itch for the need to catch
me this fish. On the plus side the
swim had looked untouched from the
guy who rumbled me on Wednesday,
so all was good at the minute. I
planned to stick another small bucket
in on Tuesday then fish a day on
Wednesday. Just to add, the koi
wasn’t the only carp I saw that day.
I Arrived around 9am on Wednesday and was fishing in double quick
time due to getting everything ready
the night before. I had made the effort
to get back up the previous day and
just top up the spot a little in prepara-
tion. With the weed the way it was,
there was no real way of fish spotting
in the area, and honestly, it wasn’t
looking good. I’m not one to waste
my sessions, so at 1pm I was off and
heading for the area I had seen the
other koi hanging around. Due to not
knowing how clear the area was of
weed, I switched over to chods. An
hour later I had my first bite. Due to
the nature of the ground where I had
set up, my rod butts were resting on a
bucket. The rod went flying on the


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