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Coleman guarantees a great night sleep…
Coleman unveils its latest range of tents featuring innovative BlackOut Bedroom™ technology
In 2016, Coleman made a revolutionary breakthrough with the introduction of its innovative BlackOut Bedrooms™, enabling campers to enjoy a
more restful night’s sleep on the
campsite. This year, the company has
extended its patented technology
across a new range of fully-featured
models including the versatile Oak
Canyon 4 that is the perfect home
from home on family camping trips.
Exclusive to Coleman, the
advanced BlackOut Bedrooms™
block out up to 99% of external light,
promising an end to broken sleep
caused by long, bright evenings or the
early morning light. Incorporated into
a new range of different sized tents
suited to both family camping and
festival camping,
BlackOut Bedroom tents remain as
popular as ever and are revolutionising the way people sleep while camping! The bedrooms utilise a layer of
black polyurethane on the underside
of the flysheet.
This, combined with breathable,
black fabric inner bedrooms, blocks
out almost all unwanted light, resulting in comfortable and dark bedrooms
that promise an uninterrupted
night’s sleep. In addition to keeping unwanted light out of the
bedroom while camping, the
BlackOut Bedrooms™ also help
to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the tent.
By storing energy from the sun
on the surface of the fabric, the
new BlackOut technology keeps
the bedroom up to 5oC cooler
during the day and up to 1oC
warmer during the night. The result?
A restful night’s sleep and maximum
comfort on the campsite.
Part of the new range of tents featuring Coleman BlackOut Bedrooms™, the Oak Canyon 4 is a comfortable and spacious family tent with
an innovative hybrid steel and fibreglass pole design that offers strength
and stability while keeping pack size
low. Quick and easy to pitch thanks to
its tunnel construction, the Oak
Canyon combines its large, dark bed-
rooms with a spacious and bright living area that provides an ideal area for
the family to relax. A high-performance flysheet with a hydrostatic
head of 4500mm offers excellent wet
weather protection, and the integrated groundsheet ensures a clean
and dry interior.
For more information on Coleman’s
new range of BlackOut Bedroom™
tents visit: http://www.coleman.
eu/uk/c-796-BlackOut-bedroomtents.aspx n
Bring the Performance of Your Base
and Mid Layers Back to Life with STORM
When working effectively, a good base or mid layer
wicks moisture to keep you dry and feeling fresh –
imperative during exertive outdoor activities when
the weather heats up! However, if the material is
compromised, the garment can become ineffective, resulting in uncomfortably damp and smelly
fabric next to your skin. STORM’s Base & Mid
Layer Wash can improve the manufactured performance of your kit.
When washed domestically using household
products, base and mid layers can lose performance, as ingredients in these detergents are
designed to stay on fabrics after rinsing to give
them a ‘bright clean look’, which can impair their
functionality. Designed to maximise performance
and hygienically clean wicking garments without
effecting functionality, STORM’s Base & Mid Layer
Wash is a hypoallergenic cleaner that allows the
treated garment to continue to wick moisture
away from the skin and through the layering system of your clothing. In addition to removing dirt
and residue, which impairs wicking performance
and breathability, the Base & Mid Layer Wash contains silver ions to combat odours and aid with
temperature regulation.
Retailing at just £10 for a 300ml bottle, the Base
& Mid Layer Wash works effectively on a full load
of mixed synthetic and natural material garments,
offering great value. Not to be used on fabrics that
are waterproof. n


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