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Krassos on Carp
Rob Maylin chats to Mick Krassos
Rob: It’s always a pleasure to meet
up with Mick, and we’re here today
at the beginning of July really to
catch up on Mick’s fishing since the
last time he was in the magazine.
Regular readers of Big Carp will
remember the Krassos on Carp
series that we ran last year. We
were actually chatting a few
moments ago trying to remember
exactly where we finished off, and
we think it was the last session
down on Horton that year when
Mick caught the Thorpe Park Common, a fantastic fish. Mick has just
informed me that it has been out
over 40lbs now from Horton last
So I’m going to pass you over to
Mick now, and we’re going to catch
up on the winter, right through to
the spring, and right up to date. As I
mentioned a couple of issues ago in
Big Carp, Mick has been doing very,
very well down at Horton; he’s had
a fantastic season down there that
culminated in the capture of the
(Above) Back to Horton for my last
season to try and bag Shoulders
(Below) A winter 34lb’er from Horton
known as Buddha


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