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Krassos on Carp Exclusive
(Left) Winter was spent getting a
bend in the rod – two in the net at
(Below) A mid-20, caught in winter.
Parrot once again.
Mick: Hi Rob. Yes, I think it has
been about six months since I was
last round here doing a tape. I think
we left off when I caught the
Thorpe Park Common and Cossack
last time I was on Horton. I continued to fish Horton for the autumn,
and even though I put a bit of time
in I really struggled. I don’t know
why; I think I was still trying to fish
to spots that were producing in the
summer instead of getting round
the bays and using boilies, giving
what they wanted through the
autumn time. I was still trying to
use the same tactics, which didn’t
work, so basically autumn time was
a blank down there for me even
though I fished it hard, trying to
move on fish.
So I gave up about November
time, and through the winter I just
spent a bit of time with my mates
doing a few socials. The first social
was with my good mate George
Loughlin, when Mike Hutchinson
gave us permission to fish down at
Blue Pool, and it turned out to be a
really good session. In two days we
got something like 22 fish, which
was quite good going really considering I don’t think I’ve had 22 fish
all year. The biggest one I had was
only a low 20, but George’s one was
the biggest at about 26lbs.
I d i d n ’t b o t h e r g o i n g f i s h i n g
through December, and then I think
the next session out was Yateley
South Lake with George Loughlin
again. It was really quite cold with
ice on the ground – really cold conditions. I had never fished there
before so I had a quick walk round
and the only place they could be
holed up in was between the snags


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