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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
(Above) Spring was spent catching up
with my mates and having a few
socials at Linear fisheries and
Frimley. A stunning mirror from
between the two islands. So George
and I doubled up, and we fired out
singles to the snags. In two nights I
had four fish up to 23lbs, but
George didn’t have anything so it
was nice to get one over on him
again! Yeah that was really good.
That was really my last session
through the winter on my day ticket
venues, social-wise, and next time
out was down to Horton, trying to
catch Shoulders. This was at end of
February, beginning of March, and
it turned out to be a nightmare. My
mate Gary Lewis turned up for a
social and it was windy and rainy,
really good conditions for fishing,
and really low pressure. About quarter to two that morning I heard a
bang on the bivvy, and I woke up to
find four lads were nicking my gear.
I looked out and chased them off,
but my rods and my alarms, my
marker rod, and my spod rod had
gone, literally everything had gone.
I quickly went and got Gary next
door, and they had nicked his two
marker rods and his spod rod as
well. Looking through the gardens,
luckily enough I found my alarms
and my stainless, which was a
result, but the next couple of weeks
were a washout really, as I didn’t
have any gear. At this point I’ll say
thank you to a couple of mates who
helped me out – Gary Lewis, Beadle
Dave Slowen and Nick Helleur. If it
wasn’t for them, I don’t think I’d be
fishing now, because I can’t afford
to replace my stuff, and it wasn’t
insured, so I would like to say thank
you really.
My next session down was about
a week to ten days later when I had
Beadle’s stuff, so I thought that
might bring me good luck, as the
last fish out on his rods was Tetley’s. By this time there were a few
fish coming out, it had started to
warm up again, and a couple of the
lads down there had a few, so it was
really looking good down there for
the end of the season. I got down
there and you’ll never guess what
happened – the bad weather came
back again! I could not believe my
luck, but I decided to go in the Captors swim. Even though there
weren’t many fish showing in there,
I knew it had a good track record for
producing Shoulders at the back
end. I think it was the season
before, or maybe the season before
that, Chilly had Shoulders out of
Captors at the end of the season.
Anyway, two days back into the
session I was fishing my normal
spot, just over the back of the bar in
14ft of water at 90yds out, and I had
a take on the right hand rod. It
turned out to be one of the Fishers
Pond fish, Bullet, at 34lb 4oz so it
was a nice welcome back. I was
due to stay down there all week but
the weather turned for the worse,
and again it was really cold and
rainy. I think it went to an easterly
wind, and I just couldn’t take it; it
w a s f r e e z i n g d o w n t h e r e, s o I
decided to go home, hoping that the
weather would change in a day or


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