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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
two, but it didn’t. Anyway, it was
the last week of the season, so I had
no choice but to go down there
again and go for it. Again, luckily
enough, I jumped back in the Captors swim, as I badly wanted Shoulders now, and I knew that if it was
feeding it would be coming from
there. That last week of the season
was a real mistake really because
the weather went quite nice again,
with a nice breeze on the water and
low pressure again, and of course
they were all down the other end,
weren’t they?
Gerry Hammond I think had two
fish up to 37lbs out of the Plateau,
and one of the other lads, Dan, had
a brace of 40’s out of the One Up,
Merlin at 42lbs, a stunning fish,
which I landed for him, and the Parrot at 44lb 14oz. I couldn’t believe
it; I was blown away – what a
brace, but hey, credit where credit it
due. I don’t think Dan has fished
down there much this year, but he’s
had three fish now, and 39lbs is the
smallest one! Dan whatever you are
using, I want the same, mate! Anyway, that was it for that week; I didn’t have anything else even though
there were a few coming out. I
think Graham Dell had Hercules at
38lbs, and there were a few fish
coming out. I think Pete Kingsbury
had Uno at 37 or 38lbs too. But by
this time it was too late; it was a
bad move on my part trying to go in
a swim that has produced before. I
have learned my lesson now, so I
think I’ve just got to fish where the
fish are instead of going on past
form. So that was the end of the
season unfortunately – a quiet end
to the season for me anyway.
So now it was into springtime
(Above) A typical Frimley common.
(Left) The new bait from Richworth,
the aewsome KG1.


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