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Krassos on Carp Exclusive
(Above) Another stunning common from Frimley.
again, and I didn’t really have anything planned. It is the last year I
am going to have my gold card, so I
thought I’d catch up with a few
mates over on Frimley. I was thinking about doing a bit of time on Linear Fisheries over in Oxford, as
there are some stunning fish over
there, big scaly things, and it’s not
all about the size – some of those
f i s h a r e 3 3 - 3 4 l b s , a n d t h e y ’r e
absolutely clonking.
My first session down there was
the second week in April with my
good mate Danny Stroud, who I
haven’t seen for probably about a
year. I keep in contact with him on
the phone, but I’ve not fished with
him for about a year now since
Linch Hill, so we organised a session up there on Hardwick. We got
down there late on the Friday after
speaking to Ian McMillan, who said
the best swims to get in were along
the left hand spit. I couldn’t believe
it; every part of the lake was full
apart from this left hand spit, so
Danny and I ran round there
quickly, put our buckets in there,
and we had two nights to fish. I
saved a blank down there with one
fish which was about 4lbs, but
Danny had eight fish including two
33lber’s, one of which was a lovely
linear. I think he lost three as well! I
couldn’t believe it; I had one fish, a
4lb mirror, so that was that – when
your luck’s out, your luck’s out!
Just as Sam went
to net it, it rolled
over onto the
leadcore and the
hook pulled.
I couldn’t be having that, so I
thought that when Danny was
away I’d get back down there for
another session, to try and even
things up. So of course I jumped in
the swim Danny was in, and I had
three up to 24lbs, lovely looking fish
with big apple scales on them, a bit
like the Linch Hill fish. There’s a
plateau that’s 7ft on top that’s literally the size of an umbrella, so if you
don’t land on this you’re basically
into the dark, into the deep and
smelly silt. In the cross winds it can
be a real nightmare trying to fish
onto a little plateau, especially
when you’re trying to get three rods
onto it as well. It was really good
fun down there, and I did mean to
go back, but my other mate, Sam,
phoned and asked me to come
down Frimley with him, which I
couldn’t really turn down because
I ’d n e v e r r e a l l y f i s h e d F r i m l e y
before, well, only once or twice. It’s
a really nice place, but again, luck
has been against me down there.
The first time I went down there
last year with Martin and Barry I set
my bedchair on fire, so I thought oh
no, not the jinx again! But anyway I
decided to go down there on the
Thursday with Sam, but he beat me
to it; he got down there about 5am.
I strolled up about 2pm, and Sam
was in Deep Point, and by this time
he’d had a couple of fish up to low
20’s, the best being a 23lb common,
and it was looking really good.
I think all the fish were down
there, and Moggy was absolutely
caning it down this end, having big


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