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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
(Above) My first blood for the 2007 season, The Virginian at 36lb 12oz.
at 44lb 14oz! So job done for him,
and well done Dave, you jammy git!
My next session down I decided
to go in the Deep Point; it’s the
same sort of water as the Double
Boards but a lot easier, especially as
I was fishing the mag-aligner as
well by this time. I was only down
f o r 3 6 h o u r s t h i s t i m e, a s I h a d
things to do, and it was getting
really busy at the weekend so I didn’t really want to stay during it.
Basically I just fished the magaligner, casting to showing fish
every now and again. I had three
fish that session up to 24-25lbs, no
real big’uns. I foul hooked one
again, which was another nightmare, a 34-35lb common right in the
pec – talk about bad luck. I don’t
know what was happening but I
just couldn’t get amongst the bigger fish; I was either losing them or
foul hooking them, so basically it
was a nightmare start of the year,
especially the winter/spring, and I
was really looking forward to Horton by this time.
There was one more session left
down at Frimley, and again I went
in the Double Boards. I think I had
three in 36 hours that session,
including one of those rare little
mirrors, which was really nice;
they’re not the biggest in there but
they’re nice and pretty. Again that
was on the mag-aligner; I don’t
know what it is about Frimley, but
they just love the maggots in there
don’t they? Everyone was on the
maggots by this time, even though
they weren’t all fishing the magaligner. Some were just fishing PVA
bags of maggots with little 12mm
boilies over the top, but yeah, the
maggots were absolutely caning
the place. I can’t afford to keep on
the maggots at £20 a gallon – the
old bank balance was going down,
so it was time to pull off there.
There were two weeks left before
the start of the season on Horton, so
it was time to call Bob at Richworth
to get some bait off him to start
baiting up there. There are probably
50 fish over 30lbs in there, and probably six over 40lbs, and I knew they
liked their boilies. I couldn’t believe
it – quite a lot of members, probably
half the syndicate dropped out for
some reason, and there was no one
baiting up, so it was time to get
down there. I pulled up in the pub
car park under the cover or darkness, and just went round with a
catapult spreading a bit of bait out
really. I just know with that amount
of fish in there, it didn’t really have
to be in one area, I just spread the
bait out everywhere, along the Back
Bank, along the Church Bank, RIP,
Scooter, Ski Slope, Church Bay, and
that way no one could see me, especially Del with his prying eyes –
sorry Del!
I was driving down there all the
time; I couldn’t really fish a lot
because it took a lot of the time up
every other day, or every three days,
going down baiting up. I was baiting up with 14 and 18mm KG1
boilies, the new bait out from the
Richworth stable. It’s a weird sort of
smell, a fishmeal/fruit sort of smell.
I wasn’t really sure how the fish
would take it because there are
quite a lot of big bream in there, I


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