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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
know the bream like the fruity
flavoured baits, so I wasn’t really
too sure how they would accept
them, especially with the eels in
So anyway I stayed with the KG1,
and baited up for two weeks. Before
start of the season I went down for
the barbeque and the draw, and
luckily enough I came out 5th
a g a i n , t h e s a m e a s l a s t y e a r. I
couldn’t believe it; my luck was
getting a bit better, and I thought
maybe this would turn my fortune
now, and I’d start getting down
there and catching a few again,
hopefully including Shoulders. We
all turned up on the Friday ready for
start of the season, and I chose Ski
Slope again because I‘d had a result
in there last year. I was hoping that
with all the pressure of the lines
being out, the fish might be pushed
out into the middle of the lake, but it
just didn’t really kick off this year. I
don’t know what happened, but I
think the first week John the cabbie
had one just over 30lbs, but that
was it really.
After three days I thought I’d pull
off and try and get back for the second week, since it was not fishing
well that week. I came back, and I
think Phil Kingsbury had the Woodcarving, and that was it really, nothing else had really been out by this
stage. By this time last year there
were over 20 fish out, and I think it
was lucky if there were five fish out
this year -the fishing was really difficult. Anyway, I had a look round,
and it looked so moody; they were
showing in Weedy Bay, but they
weren’t really feeding and there
was someone there anyway. There’s
a big common in Horton called Tetley’s that hasn’t been caught for the
last two years since Beadle had it at
40lb 1oz. It was in Weedy Bay and it
looked absolutely massive, but as I
said, there was somebody in there
so I couldn’t fish there. I don’t know
if I really wanted to fish there actually because even though they were
s i t t i n g t h e r e i n t h e w e e d, t h e y
weren’t really feeding. I was just
hoping they would they would drift
off to somewhere at night, so I had
a walk round the lake, but I couldn’t
really decide where to go.
I was just walking round for a few
hours, and Pete Kingsbury lost a
grass carp out of the Scooter. I was
standing in One Up; he had a take
on one of his rods, and it came out
of the water like a dolphin. So I
thought that I’d drop in after him
since there were a few fish in front
of him, even though it was a grass
carp, and he was packing up in a
minute so. The others do hang
about with the grass carp in there,
so I thought I’d go round and put a
bucket in the swim and see when
he’s off. He was supposed to be off
that afternoon, but because he’d
had a bit of action, he was going to
stay until the next morning, so I
decided to jump in the Lodge Steps
for the night. There are always a
few fish resident in the Lodge Steps
– just fish 3 or 4ft out, and it does do
the good ones, fish like No Name,
Thorpe Park common, it does do the
good ones. Even Shoulders had
been caught from there a couple of
times, so I thought I’d do a night in
the re, s e e w ha t ha ppe ns i n the
morning, and if they were still in
front of Pete, I’d move over there.
Parrot for the second time. I don’t normally like repeats but this time it’s a new PB at 43lb 8oz.


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