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Krassos on Carp Exclusive
The swim where I had three fish over 36lbs in less than 12 hrs – surely Shoulders must be close? Fingers crossed.
Pete came round about 10am and
said he’d had enough, so I decided
to jump in after him in the end. I
think Pete had two or three out of
there in three nights, so I thought it
would be rude not to; it was the
only swim with any action really,
and there were still a few fish in
front of him.
So I quickly went round there
with my stuff. I’d never fished the
Scooter before, but I spoke to my
mate Simon Davey, as that was his
favourite swim, and he said it’s just
fishing the weed or fishing the clear
areas. I spent probably three hours
marking up in there, just thrashing
it to a foam because I knew once it
was all done, they would all be
clipped up, so as long as I am in
there, I wouldn’t really need to get
the markers out again. The spot I
found was probably about 40yds
out. Basically there was weed, then
a silt channel about half a rod
length wide, and then another weed
bed. I just put the marker out there
and cleaned the area off with
another marker and another lead so
it was nice and clean. At this point
I decided to spod a bit of bait out. I
didn’t go mad; I probably put a kilo
of 14’s, a kilo of 10’s, a jar of CC
Moore Hemp, and a kilo of halibut
pellets just get them rooting about.
I don’t normally like to fish pop-ups
normally over particles or anything
small, but because it was quite dirty
and silty I was fishing 1in pop-ups.
I didn’t want them wafting about,
so I was fishing them right on the
deck, anchored down. I fished them
either side of the float, and I
decided to spod out a kilo each of
14’s and 10’s in the KG1.
About 9pm I had a screaming
take on the left hand rod, and I
thought here we go, first blood, but
it turned out to be an eel. Then I
had a bream, and I thought it might
be down to these fruity baits. I was
sitting there wondering what to do.
I’d put quite a bit of bait in through
the closed season, and I was starting to think I might have done the
wrong thing. Should I have gone
with the fishy flavoured ones
instead of the fruity fishy ones? But
I though, oh well, it’s too late now
because I had put in probably 60-70
kg of bait in the closed season. I
quickly got the marker out again
before dark and put a little bit more
bait out because I thought the eels
and bream might have wiped me
I got up about 5am and there
were a few fish showing round the
area, not bang on the spot, but just
r o l l i n g r o u n d i n t h e v i c i n i t y. I
thought I was watching the water,
but I must have dozed back to sleep
again, and about 6am the left hand
rod pulled up tight. I thought here
we go again, a bream or an eel. I
struck into it, but straight away I
knew it wasn’t a bream or an eel; it
started taking line and it was a
really good scrap, going right to left.
I had to try to put a bit of pressure
on it because there’s a car underwater on the right hand side of the
Scooter swim. The divers went
down there probably 8-10 years
ago, but they couldn’t get it up, so
they cut the roof off. So I thought if
I don’t give it a bit of pressure here
it’s going to cut me off. I thought I’d
test the hook hold out, and luckily
enough the fish turned and the
hook didn’t fall out. It carried on
coming in, and then it just went
nuts under the rod tip, which was
lucky as it got it away from the car.
About ten minutes later I put the
net under it, and it was nice to see
Horton’s first carp of the year for
me, which turned out to be The Virginian at 36lb 12oz – a good start. I


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