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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
got Phil down from the Ski Slope to
do the photos because he’s good
with the camera. He doesn’t mind
coming down to do my pics, and
vice versa; I’ll reel in if he’s got one.
It’s nice once you’ve got one; you
want decent photos, so he came
down and did the photos for me.
Phil went back down to his swim,
put his rods back out, and about
three hours later he had one called
Chips at about 32-33lbs, so that
was nice for him. I think that was
his second fish of the season, so he
was off to a good start as well, a bit
like last year.
After that I got the rods back out,
but by about 10 or 11am there was
nothing really in front of me. It
looked quite dead; there was no
fizzing, no oil slicks coming up, so I
decided to quickly run back to the
van, get a bit more bait, and get the
rods sorted for the afternoon. Again
rig wise, I just kept it simple; I was
messing about with the new
Striptease from ESP, the 15lb green
one, which is really nice, a lot better
than the old stuff. I was fishing one
rod on the new Striptease and one
rod on the normal Stealth Skin from
Gardner, just fishing a size 10 ESP
Longshanx hook with a bit of shrink
tubing on a bent hook rig – as soon
it picks up it can’t eject it. So that
was fished on both, with 1in popups, and that was fished on 6ft of
l e a d c o r e, h e l i c o p t e r s t y l e. T h e
weed wasn’t too bad at the time; if
it had been any worse I would have
tied my leads on. So I got back, got
fresh rigs on and got the rods out
for the afternoon.
I dozed off about midday, just sat
there, and nothing was really happening. I was just watching the
water through the afternoon, had
something to eat, and about 5pm
one of the lads next door, they call
him Fireman Sam (it’s funny how
everyone has got nicknames down
there) came into my swim for a cup
of tea. We were just sitting and
chatting and I had a few bleeps, a
few liners on the right hand rod. A
lot of the lads use backleads down
there, but I don’t like backleads at
all, what with the weed. You don’t
get a good line angle to the rod,
plus I don’t think you get a good
indication when you get a pick up,
especially when you’ve got humps
and bars or whatever in front of you.
Anyway I just don’t like them, so I
decided to start messing about with
X-Line, and that way I could fish
really slack lines to just take on the
contours of the bottom. So I was
fishing really slack lines, but I was
still getting liners, and Sam said,
“ Yo u ’r e g o i n g t o h a v e o n e i n a
minute.” I thought maybe it was the
bream out there or the eels again,
just knocking about.
A few minutes later the right
hand rod pulled up, hit the butt, and
it was just one of those savage
takes, cracking the butt. I was playing that one and it was stripping
line off; it hit the surface straight
away, and I’ve been told as soon as
you hook Shoulders it hits the surface and just messes about, so I
was just wondering if it was him. It
started going on a mad run, taking
30yds of line to the right of the
swim, and as I was saying before,
there’s a car on the right hand side
of the swim. I didn’t really want to
lose it there, but I couldn’t stop this
fish; it was either going to take line
or the hook was going to pull, so I
had to let it take line. All of a sudden it went solid, and I thought it
was lost – basically it was weeded
up, and it was behind the car as
well. I didn’t have Del’s number in
my phone, as I’d lost my phone ear-
lier on in the year, and I didn’t have
everyone’s number back in yet, so I
had to phone one of the lads in the
Plateau swim. He quickly ran and
got Del to get the boat for me, and
by the time he was getting the
boat, the left hand rod pulled up
tight and ripped off. Sometimes you
know you’ve the same sort of fight
before, it’s a weird feeling, and I just
knew this felt familiar. I got it all the
way in and I saw it was the Parrot
again. I thought bleeding hell, not
again, so I quickly bullied that one
in as I had one on the other rod. I
didn’t really let it fight, so I quickly
bundled that in the net, and Del
started going back with the boat. I
said, “Del, what are you doing?” He
said, “You’ve got it in haven’t you?”
I said, “No, that was the other rod,
quick, get back here!”
Del quickly came over with Vince,
one of the other bailiffs with the life
jackets. Vince got out of the boat,
and I quickly put the life jacket on
a n d w e n t i n t h e b o a t . We g o t
behind the car, and you could see
this fish kept on coming up and
coming up, but it would come any
further. I don’t know what was hap-
My tackle box, if it doesn’t fit it
doesn’t come – simple.


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