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Exclusive Krassos on Carp
pening, but in the end it had a load
of line round it, stuck behind the
car, so I had to handline it in, which
was a bit dodgy, what with using
small hooks as well. So I was
quickly trying to tease it in, and this
was going on for about 10-15 minutes. In the end I thought this isn’t
looking good, especially as there
was all line around it, and it was
behind the car as well. I thought the
line was going to snap, but luckily
enough the X-Line held firm. In the
end I got the top of the leadcore,
pulled it over the net, and there was
another one. It looked 40lbs, and I
thought bleeding hell, I’ve got a
brace of 40’s here! I got it into the
bank and I just had to sit down for
five minutes; I couldn’t take it all in
really. It wasn’t fishing well, but I
possibly had two 40lb’ers in the net;
I couldn’t believe it. Talk about
when your luck’s in, your luck’s in!
So my luck turned for the good
then. I knew the Parrot was an old
fish, so I let it rest and I got the
other one out first. It wasn’t 40lbs;
it was Spotty at 37lb 12oz – those
stock fish are so massive, it dwarfed
the Parrot! It just looked so much
bigger, but it was 37lb 12oz. I did
the photos for that, got some good
shots, slipped him back, and it was
time to get the Parrot out. Even
though I was chuffed to catch it
again, I don’t really like repeat captures, so I was a bit gutted in one
way; I would have like to have
caught one of the other fish I
The tackle I have faith in.
haven’t caught before. I got it on
the scales and it turned out to be
43lb 8oz, which was a new PB for
me, so it made it worthwhile catching it again. I got some good photos
of that and slipped it back. I did
another night or two in the swim
and nothing else happened. They
moved off from there, so they were
just there for 12 hours, hit the spot
hard, started ripping the bottom up
I learned my
lesson that
helicopters in the
weed wasn’t
really the best
and feeding, and then they moved.
It was weird, after I got the rods
back out, after I caught the fish, the
bottom had changed so much.
Beforehand it was quite silty, but it
had changed to quite hard now. It’s
amazing how much they rip the
bottom up; it was well clean, and it
was easy to present bottom baits on
there now. So that was it really for
that session; I didn’t have any more.
The next session down it wasn’t
fishing well again. It was really
patchy, one or two fish would be
out, and then nothing would be out
for four or five days. I decided to
jump in the Plateau swim; I did a
few nights in there and had a few
fish over me, but I just couldn’t get
a take. I learned my lesson that fishing helicopters in the weed wasn’t
really the best presentation. I
should have probably fished a
safety clip or something, with a little stick on to get a decent presentation, but I’ll know for next time.
That’s about it really; I’m going
back down tomorrow for a few
nights, and hopefully Shoulders or
Merlin hasn’t been out yet. Fingers
crossed I might be able to have on
of them, but this is definitely my
last season on Horton whether
Shoulders comes along or not. I’ve
got a few tickets lined up for next
year, and I can’t really say no to
them. One is for the Manor over in
Essex, which I have been dying to
get on for a few years now, especially with the Annie approaching
60lbs, and it’s got loads of back up
fish in. I can’t really afford both
tickets so I hope Shoulders hurries
up, otherwise that will be it. But if I
catch it, I’ll let you know Rob, and
hopefully I’ll get amongst some of
the other fish too. They still haven’t
spawned yet, so at the moment
most of the fish are coming out at
35lbs-plus. I’ve got to try and get
down while I can to catch them, so
u n t i l n e x t t i m e, t h a n k s R o b f o r
catching up with me, and hope you
all enjoyed reading this. Until next
time, bye bye.
Rob: Thanks a lot Mick; it’s always
a pleasure to have you here mate.
Mick’s going to be doing quite a bit
more in Big Carp; he’s one of those
guys that you the readers seem to
enjoy. He’s got a very unique style
about him; he’s a young successful
angler, and it seems there are a lot
of them around these days, but not
many of them can write like Mick
unfortunately. So Mick will be doing
pieces in the magazine on feature
finding, on plumbing, and lots of
other aspects of carp fishing as
well. Also, of course, we’ll get back
together with Mick to catch up with
the second half of the season down
at Horton, and we wish him all the
luck in the world in catching Shoulders – I am sure it will come along,
mate. Well as Mick says, until next
time we’ll leave it there, so thanks
very much. n


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