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The Old Canal Exclusive
ack in the day, around
the first half of the
90s, I started to fish on
the Belgian canals.
These waterways are
the waters I favour
fishing over lakes and so on. It’s quite
hard to say why I like fishing these
kind of waters, but it’s the magic, the
atmosphere, the unknown (I can’t
really put my finger on why) but for
some reason the buzz of catching
carp from a canal gives me more
pleasure than from a pool/lake. Also
canal fish are all different in shape,
size and even strain, not like on lakes
where all fish stocks come from the
same fish farm strain. I have been
fishing on and of for many years on
canals, and the canal that I am writing about now is quite special to
It all started many moons ago, more
like 10/11 years ago, that we (me and
my mates) fished it for the first time.
Jurgen my mate drove over it with
work one day and thought it looked
like a nice water/canal, and on a
sunny afternoon I came along to have
a look around very soon after he
passed over it. We also got some info
from a friend who lived in the area (a
friend I had met not so long ago on
the river – Nicolas, aka Big Nic) and
we soon got fishing on the lovely old
(Above) All packed and ready to go
(Left) Dawn at the canal.
(Bottom) Flaming Red – a great bait!
canal with some really good results
with fish up to 17kg, but for some reason or another we did not fish there
very long. We only had a few sessions
in that summer and moved on the
other green banks.
But this canal kept fading in and
out of my mind for all these years and
I wondered what it would be like. I
heard from my friend Big Nic that it
was still quiet there (only the local
anglers), so after some talking with
my angling mate Jurgen, last year
2012 around March we started to go
back to fish this lovely old canal.
Some things had changed but not
much (some trees were cut – what a
shame) only the fish got a bid bigger
and as Big Nic told me not many
anglers fished here (only some locals).
So we had a few very good sessions in
the spring with some very nice fish
caught by me and my mate Jurgen
(yes we still fish together and we love
it) up to a 40lb/19,2kg common, but
many other good fish – no real monsters but these fish are all I ask for.
They don’t need to be all 20 or 25kg in
my book – a great carp is a great carp
no matter its size.
I love angling, and that’s what I do;
I go out and do my thing and enjoy
every minute of it, and the carp I
catch are part of my life (my angling
life) and these old and not so old great
looking creatures are all characters in
their own right! So we had a good


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