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Exclusive The Old Canal
spring in 2012, but we did not stay on,
as other waters were calling us. But it
was great to feel the buzz again from
fishing this canal again. My god I
missed fishing there all those years
ago, even if it was for a short time (a
few sessions). The section we fished
was the same as the one we started
fishing all those years ago; the only
difference was the trees were cut and
in one bay at the lock. There was a lot
of weed and a few fishable holes to
put traps in, so that’s what we did and
the rest was/is history… great
angling stays in the mind. Also after
the France trip last year I blanked my
socks off… Not a single fish was
caught after July, and I tried very hard
but to no avail.
Bait wise I could not go wrong; I
was using a very good bait that had
caught me many fish in the past, so
that was not the reason for blanking
nor the rig I have been using, as it
caught me fish for many years so why
blow now? No, it was like higher
powers had something to do with it –
a spell/curse… those new rods
maybe? I did not know what was the
reason for the blanking, only that it
was very strange.
But this year, 2013, in the long winter we had, the canal was calling me
again, and bearing in mind what we
had from there last year, I would not
mind some of that angling again, so
we started again quite early in the
year. It was a slow start with just a
few fish, because the water temp was
very low, and this weather was not
good at all. The carp seemed not
interested in the bait (they loved it
last year, so they will do again) and
they did after a few sessions, it all
came right.
At one section (Stretch 24, I’ll call
it) there is a small bay like area. Last
year at one stage it was full of weed
with some holes/spots to fish to (set
traps in), and I caught many good fish
from this hole in the weed, but this
year there were no holes, and it was
hard to fish this weed infested
area/bay, so a move was on the cards
to another section of the canal (we
never really fished other sections,
only a few times) but with not much
success, so that’s why we kept going
back to Stretch 24, but it was at the
(Top) I love this place.
(Centre) G-Force inline leads.
(Bottom) 26lb-plus.


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