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Exclusive The Old Canal
moment it was unfishable!! So looking around and trying other sections
(between other locks and sections)
we did a five-night session and did
well with seven fish each, and I got to
know another section. I will be trying
more sections next time out, as we
have found out more about other
parts as well, and I’ve seen some
good fish. We will find out more as we
go along about the stock in different
sections. This canal is old and so
there is no more boat traffic, and
everything is wild with snags, reeds,
lily pads and overhanging bushes
along some parts of the canal; it’s just
a great place to fish, and like I say, it
has great character fish.
On one three-night session I did
even better… Here is an outtake from
my fishing log book (great to have a
smartphone I can use to write stuff
down). It was on the 9th of May; I was
back on the old canal, and around
lunchtime the traps were set. Same as
the previous session, I had a mix of
boilie sizes with me (like last year, I
did good on these mixed size boilies)
of different colors. I had some left
(Top) Doom and gloom.
(Below) 33lb of stunning canal mirror.
from the previous session so I used
them again, this time only in PVA
mesh bags (golf ball size bags). I also
made up some stick/bag mix with
pellets, some groundbait and boilie
crumb (I use the almighty Flaming
Reds from Starman products). Rig
wise it’s always the same with me – a
blow back rig and snowman presentation.
On the right hand rod I fished a
snowman with a Flaming Red bottom
bait and an Essential I.B. pop-up balanced to perfection, and the left hand
rod was the same only with a self
made banoffee pop-up. The banoffee
did well on the previous session, but
on this occasion I had one small common on them, and had two on the IB
combo (mirrors of 26lb-plus and 30lbplus). This was all in the first 12 hours
of the start of the session. That first
night gave me a mirror of 20lb-plus
and a 22lb-plus mirror. This all was


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